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David Stockman: imminent financial collapse under Trump

Douglas Caddy

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From the article: The irony is that in his very first week in office he has set in motion a train of events that insures the bubble will implode spectacularly during his initial year in office.


Needless to say, the incorrigible dip-buyers will come back into the market time after time as the risk asset implosion gathers momentum.

But this time there will be no stick save by the Fed or Washington. This time the casino will be a scene of unmitigated peril as Donald Trump brings down the curtain on the era of Bubble Finance -- the 30-year long inflation of debt and finance that fostered the Trump Empire and ended in the Donald's unlikely accession to the Oval Office….

Consequently, and unavoidably, the entire fall and winter will be absorbed in a debt ceiling negotiations and extensions, short-term continuing resolutions, actual and threatened government shutdowns and, above all, political conflict and dysfunction like the Imperial City has never before experienced.



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