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Castro's Brilliant 11/23/63 Speech

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Great find, Jim..  I can't believe I've never read this before. I think Castro thought it was necessary to bring up every incongruity of the case against Oswald, lest hot heads prevail. The first third of it is sort of typically rambling, redundant, verbose Castro, but then what is remarkable is his  command of Oswald's case. Asking the real questions that few others were asking.

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5 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Geez, how come Fidel figured this out in 24 hours, and the Warren Commission couldn't in ten months.




Megathanks, Jim....

From Fidel Castro's speech the day after the assassination of JFK:

Carlos Bringuier, delegate of the counterrevolutionary organization referred to, said to the New York Times that "at first I suspected Oswald. I frankly thought that he might be an FBI or CIA agent trying to find out what we were doing." So Cuban counter-revolutionaries are saying that when Oswald tried to enter their organization he was not accepted because they believed he was from the CIA or FBI, and that he was trying to find out what they were up to.

How curious! And this is not what they publish but they say that he is a Castroite, a communist, an admirer of Fidel Castro. And now it appears that he tried to enter the organization and was not admitted because they thought he belonged to the FBI or CIA. They must know pretty well the kind of agents the FBI and CIA have since they deal with them a lot.

Castro also pointed out how odd it semed to be that the U.S. government gave former defector "Oswald" approval to travel to Soviet Bloc countries A SECOND TIME in 1963!  This was still at the Height of the Cold War!

Isn't it amazing that some Warren Commission loyalists continue to this very day to tell us that "Oswald" was just a confused young man with no connections whatsoever to American Intel!  Sheesh....  

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I like the part where Castro says  (address to the students of the University of Havana on November 27th, 1963 ...)


For example, in Mexico, there is an amateur shooting competition in which a lamb is set loose at a given point and it runs through the hills – I think it runs over a distance of 200 meters – and as it runs, three shots are allowed. The best shooters, with sufficient time on their hands and with total calm, very rarely hit the target twice as the animal runs the distance. And only in exceptional situations do they hit it three times – and this is with a lot of time at their disposal and absolute calm, absolute tranquility.

And in most cases this is not done with telescopic sight rifles, but with the so called "Lyman sight" rifle, which is the one used for the American Garand rifles. These are shooting rifles with a small circle in the sight, in whose center the target is located. In order to shoot quickly, it is better to use one of those rifles than to use one with a telescopic sight, because you don’t lose sight of the target. But the news cables talked about a rifle with a zoom of four times to eighteen times, meaning a rifle that gets very close to the target. And the more powerful the sight, the more sensitive it is to any movement, and the easier it is to lose the target.

There is, furthermore, the circumstance (and everything seems to indicate that the rifle could have appeared there as part of the plot) that the rifle was left there, since it is not the kind of weapon used to shoot at a target 80 meters away, nor a weapon to shoot three times in a row. The telescopic sight rifle a weapon to shoot at a target 300, 400, 500, 600 meters away and even more. Many of the fellows who came in the “Granma” practiced shooting at a dinner plate, 600 meters away, with a rifle rest, not one held by hand. That is how a sniper uses a rifle to shoot from afar. It is really weird that whoever was planning an assault at 80 meters, from a window, acquired a rifle with telescopic sight, when any other kind of weapon without a telescopic sight would have been a lot more appropriate for a shot from that distance. 


close quote


In essence Castro says: By shooting at a target several times and fast, which is just 60 to 80 meters away, a telescopic sight is rather an obstacle than a help ...

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I also like this passage:


That is to say, in the United States there is a whole range of political thinking that runs from men of the extreme right to men of the extreme left, men who are more to the left in their political thinking.

And in this situation there is a variety of opinion, of more or less moderate attitudes. There are liberals, intellectual sectors of the United States who understand the errors in the policy of the United States, who are not in agreement with many of the things that the United States has done in international policy.

And what happened yesterday can only benefit those ultrarightist and ultra-reactionary sectors, among which President Kennedy or some of the men who worked with him cannot be included. They could not be placed in the extreme reaction – in the extreme right.

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