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Attorney General Sessions should recuse himself from Trumpgate

Douglas Caddy

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Posted by a friend on Facebook today:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from the DOJ Trumputingate investigation and appoint a Special Prosecutor.

Sessions was one of the first Republican leaders to endorse the Trump campaign. His political relationship with Trump dates to at least 2014 and he is widely considered the godfather of Trumpist nationalism. Sessions was an essential part of the Trump campaign from its inception.

On March 4, 2016, Trump named Sessions an official campaign adviser, ...as chairman of the national security advisory committee. In that role, Sessions surely had significant interactions with General Michael Flynn, whose known relationship with the Russian government dates to 2013.

Sessions presided over meetings that developed the
foreign policy unveiled by candidate Trump on April 17, 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel, as Russian ambassador Sergey Kisylak nodded approvingly from the front row. In the weeks before Trump's address, Sessions-- heretofore a Russia hawk-- met at least twice with Richard Burt, lobbyist for Russia's state natural gas company Gazprom and adviser to Alfa Bank of Moscow.

Sessions also served as a member of the Trump Transition Executive Committee. Was he still working with Flynn on National Security matters during the transition, while Flynn was talking with Ambassador Kisylak? In any event, Sessions was too closely tied to the Trump campaign and to its foreign policy shop to impartially investigate the Mike Flynn affair.

General Sessions needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor now.

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