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13 hours ago, Jim Hargrove said:

Tracy’s hard at work again with his usual character assassinations.  It is abundantly clear that Mr. Wilcott remembered just about everyone at the Tokyo CIA station long after he worked there between 1960-1964.  



No doubt Tracy will soon have Mr. Wilcot murdering widows and orphans and torturing ponies and unicorns, as I predicted earlier.

Whether Wilcott wouldn’t name names during his secret testimony to protect his fellow workers, or though some lawyerly agreement, or whether his words were altered before being suppressed for two decades, we’ll never know.  

And don’t tell me these government non-investigations don’t alter testimony and change witnesses words.




Wanna see a three minute video proving the FBI lied about three eyewitnesses who saw other shooters in Dealey Plaza?

Watch YouTube video


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Wilcott remembered the names of the CIA Tokyo employees all right. He just could not name one person who would confirm his allegations or who he originally learned them from. He wasn't even sure if his best friend at the station, George Breen, would confirm them and apparently he didn't. As the SF Chronicle reported, Wilcott heard the allegations at drinking sessions. He was a naïve person who apparently believed everything he heard at these late-night drunken sessions:

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/A Disk/Agent Oswald Office Files/Agent Oswald 4-78/Item 01.pdf


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I just saw a photo of "Jack Ruby," waiting for Oswald -- and it wasn't Jack Ruby.  I saw this on youtube.  I will try to get the link.  It's about it's not Ruby.  And you see the man at approx. 2:48.  This post is at youtube: "OK, Jack Ruby Didn't Kill Oswald."  I think this is new and very important.  The cops must have been in on it.











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