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Sam Harris on the 2016 Election

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Sam Harris is neuroscientist and an articulate vigorous thinker. He's also gained notoriety as an atheist, with the sort of saintly countenance of a puritan. Though I'm not, Still when we see the idiocy of action that usually follows any utterance where a politician invokes God, discussion of religion, philosophy, atheism, seems quite harmless.
But in these 4 segments, he talks of politics, and the election of 2016. Mostly about our President, though spattered throughout the first 3 links, there  are unflattering references to Hillary and the Democrats and then in the final link he gives his opinion how, Trump won and the Democrats lost. .
The first link is the most fun,  a primer on his thoughts about Trump.The second is a more elaborate panning of Trump during the campaign in the Summer of 2016. The third and most elaborate of all (almost a half hour) is his post election analysis of how Trump won, it's implications, and his advised course of action, and the fourth link focuses on, in his opinion how the Democrats ineptly lost.




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