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The JFK Assassination Information Center and the Z Film

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While I was in Dallas in 1990, I went to the JFK Assassination Information Center, which was co-directed by J. Gary Shaw and Larry Howard. I'm pretty sure it was there that I watched a version of the Z film, shown regularly (I assume) in a screening room in the center. (My father and I were the only two people in the room.) I say "a version" of the film, because what I remember seeing was unlike the Z film that we all know and loathe. For one thing I remember it being in black and white, and shot from more behind the limo than from Zapruder's position. What I remember most clearly is the flap that opened up on the side of JFK's head. It looked completely phony, like a bad drawing somehow pasted into the film.

Now I'm not one to brag about my memory. I've previously posted about a distinct memory I have of watching live TV coverage of the Dallas casket's arrival in front of Bethesda, where it sat unattended for several minutes. I seem to be the only person on the planet with this memory, and Gary Mack assured me there was no live TV coverage (which seems pretty odd since there were thousands of people there, according to Lt. Lipsey, who was afraid his chopper couldn't land safely at Bethesda because of the multitude).

So I don't entirely trust my memory of the film I saw in 1990, since I have no idea what it could have been other than the Z film that we know. (If it was the famous or infamous "other Z film" that has been rumored to exist, I fail to see how it could be just a rumor if it was being regularly shown at Shaw and Howard's place.) But I know I am not the only JFK researcher who visited the JFK Assassination Information Center, and surely there are people in the research community who watched the same film there that I did. So I would love to hear from anyone who did watch the Z film at the center with respect to how they remember it.



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