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Jeremy Gebhart

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I'm a 39-year old Ohioan currently residing in Cincinnati. I love God and believe in the Bible. My priorities are God first, family second, and work third. I have a high school diploma with a couple years of college and various certifications in the construction, electrical, telecommunication, and IT industries. Over the years, I discovered that I naturally and genuinely enjoy meeting and talking to people, so I moved into sales. For the past 4 years of my life, I have done IT and telecom sales and am also very involved with the physical work that is done on the projects I sell. 
I'm not much of a fan of politics but I am very patriotic and love America and lean towards being Libertarian. I believe we need proper balance and I hate extremism in either direction. I admire George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and am very grateful that Donald J. Trump was elected as our current President and believe that he truly loves America and all people and wants to do everything in his power to help save our country and get it turned around and heading back in the right direction. I'm excited to see the actions he is taking towards making America great again, but it will take all of us coming together in unity to make it all happen and especially to make it long-lasting. 
I am blessed to have a wonderful family including my parents, sister, nephew, and a teenage son who is incredibly smart, active, friendly, respectful, and outgoing. He gets straight A's in school and is involved with soccer, track, and loves playing guitar. We look very much alike and share many of the same interests and have many similar personality traits. I enjoy baseball, football, and like to lift weights and jog and do my best to eat healthy and stay active. I wish we didn't have all the division that currently exists in America over politics and other issues, but I believe that freedom is not free and is must be fought for and protected at all costs and we can unite to make America and the world a better place if we will all love our neighbors as our self and treat others as we like to be treated. 


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