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WTF is going on with Trump?

Evan Burton

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WTF is going on with trump and his administration? Okay, making major changes will take time but Trump is acting as far from presidental as you can get.


Sure, he's different, not a mainstream politician but a bit of a radical.... however he seems to be deliberately trying to screw things up. He's alienated former allied nations, alienated US departments, even caused great concern within his own party!


What's going on? He seems to be trying to destroy himself.


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He is hurting national security by his immature behavior. I don't know what more can be said. I have written to my representatives several times - even before he was the nominee. Now, as POTUS, he is harming the interests of the United States and the world. 

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America, in it's infinite wisdom has elected a deviant ,irresponsible child. Still it could have worked geniusly for him as he's lowered the bar so much, people rally behind him if he shows the least bit of civility and non partisanship, but are inevitably disappointed when he shows he has no control over his behavior and reverts back. There was a time during the campaign where I sensed he had decided it wasn't worth it and seemed to be on this same path  self undoing.

However his party is in control, and sees this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to enact personal and corporate tax reform, repatriate corporate dollars, financial, environmental, consumer advocacy deregulation and the dismantling of the safety net, and have thrown all their hopes behind him except for a handful of foreign policy hawks. They've chosen a middle path hoping Trump can just control himself, and hope in the general economic optimism, that they don't find a smoking gun, and they can successfully downplay his huge foreign conflicts of interest, and enact this legislation they've historically wanted for generations. But of course at that point, what use is Trump to them?

I'm going to be guilty of posting a second time a satiric short clip from Sam Harris months back that's turning out to be prophetic in his depiction of what a Trump White House would be and his prescription for what our expectation should be.


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