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Marina Oswald Porter's Statement to the Review Board

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Marina wants all the documentation released?

How about Lee's tax records?

"If it's true" that Marina has the legal right and power to authorize the public release of these, then this would be a huge addition to the documentation record.

I state this without knowing whether this legal situation is true or that Lee's tax records would be altered or even destroyed even if she authorized their release.

Marina states in the latter part of her letter that she has no money to leave her grand children?

I didn't know that her financial asset situation in her older age was such.

I always assumed ( guess I was wrong ) that life with this Porter fellow was at least somewhat more secure than the average persons on fixed retirement incomes.

And did Marina spend the money given to her as donations and that $100,000+ book ( or film? ) advance she received back in 1964?

$100,000+ ( plus thousands more in sympathy donations ) back in 1964 would be close to $750,000 in today's money.

Value of $100,000 in 1964. Inflation Calculator for Today's Dollars

Year, Value. 1964, $100,000.00. 1965, $100,970.87. 1966, $102,912.62 ... 2014, $754,203.88. 2015, $759,909.39. 2016, $765,453.07. 2017, $NaN.00 ...



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Well, I'd then be inclined to believe that she was not being completely honest in her letter. The first thing I thought while reading this was, if the IRS had to produce his tax returns, then the FBI would be up a certain creek without proper paddling equipment, and would then have to at least acknowledge LHO's status with them in some capacity.


She sounds like a lot of people in the public eye...say you want one thing, but do things that bring about the opposite.



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Thanks Jim. I knew of Marina's position but had never seen this letter. Certainly fits with my impression that her husband worked in some capacity for the FBI. It would explain a lot, such as his request to speak to the FBI SAC when jailed in New Orleans, and the nearly inexplicable interactions with Hosty (as well as Hosty's actions after the assassination). It would explain the files on Cuban exiles that were discovered at the Paine's on the initial search after the assassination which subsequently disappeared, and the miniature camera in her garage. It might even explain Gheesling taking Oswald off the FBI watch list when he did. But of course it might not be the whole story of Oswald's involvement in intelligence. 

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