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Ruby and Hawkins?

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Posted by Michael Clark in the Education Forum on the "Bishop" Thread (4/11/2017?) I think.


"Testimony of George Senator.

Senator is being asked, name-by-name, if he recognizes any names written in Jack Ruby's address book...

Mr. GRIFFIN. Ray Hawkins?


Wait a minute. Is that Ray Hawkins as in the policeman Ray Hawkins?

The Ray Hawkins who, in the midst of the search for Tippit's killer stops and makes an unrecorded phone call from a Mobil Gas Station and later participates in the apprehension of Oswald at the Texas Theater?   The Ray Hawkins of the pearl handled revolvers?




That Ray Hawkins?


Steve Thomas

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Ah yes. 


From Mary Ferrell Database - Ray Hawkins
Dallas Police Department Patrolman. Friend of Jack Ruby. Name in Crafard's notebook (Ruby's).

DPD Archives

Box 18, Folder# 6, Item# 13 p. 2   (pages from Jack Ruby's notebook)

Ray Hawkins 5119 Live Oak    TA 1 5196


WC Hearings and Exhibits 25H168

Memo from Westbrook to Curry dated December 12, 1963

Had a membership card to Carousel Club. Said he had been in there 2 or 3 times and that Ruby said he would give him a permanent pass but never received.




There was a permanent pass to the Carousel Club issued to a Ray Hawkins at City Hall.
Pass# 227
CE 1322 p. 502


A fellow officer has been shot. There is an armed and dangerous suspect on the loose. Hawkins responds to the Tippit shooting, but doesn't stop at 10th and Patton. He goes to the Library neighborhood at Jefferson and Marsalis and starts circling the neighborhood. He drives back to 10th and Patton, picks up Hutson, and then he and Baggett stop and make a phone call from a Mobil Gas Station at 10th and Beckley, leaving Hutson in the car. This call does not show up on the police dispatch tapes, nor does Hawkins inform dispatch that he is going to be out of the car. When Hutson blows the siren to let them know that a suspect has been seen at the Library, they go rushing back over there.


Is it possible that J.D. Tippit and Hawkins were calling the same people? and was that person Jack Ruby to let him know that they couldn't find Oswald?

Is it possible that the car Earlene Roberts saw was not 207, but 211 -  Ray Hawkins car?

Was Hawkins' job to kill Oswld? Apprehend him and keep him from talking to anybody? or at least be present so that if he did talk to somebody else, report back to hire-ups what Oswald was saying?


Steve Thomas





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