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Definitive Conclusion Dent In JFK Limo Front Windshield Frame?

Joe Bauer

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Has anyone here reached a definitive conclusion as to the provenance of the JFK limo upper inner windshield dent as seen in pics of the limo taken on 11,22,1963?

The dent is quite obvious and not hard to see ( and it would take something very hard to dent those heavy metal frame cars back then ) but the important question is whether that dent was visible ( or not ) in earlier date photos of the limo which would eliminate (or perhaps indicate ) a connection of it's creation to shots fired into the limo in Dealey Plaza that day..

I am asking if anyone has ever "proven" with photographic evidence that the upper inner windshield frame dent was created and visible earlier than 11,22,1963?

Or, is there photographic evidence proof that the upper inner windshield dent "was not" there just days or weeks before 11,22,1963?

The dent is significant in size and shape enough to suggest it was made by a bullet IMO.

If this dent wasn't visible until right after the assassination, then common logic forces one to give this limo damage evidence much more importance than less...again IMO.


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Joe don't  forget  about  the  cracked windshield  too.

Per the dent, this was  the  president's  car. They constantly  buffed it and cleaned it inside  and out. I  find  it  very  hard to believe  that  the dent was innocent  and they'd  have  just  left  it  there without fixing  it prior to Dallas.

The dent  and  crack are in  the  same general  location.  Watch the SS agents in the Z film before  and after the head shot. They're  kind of looking  around  confused. Then when the "flurry" of shells come in they crouch down before  driving  off. No doubt shells are hitting  everywhere including  the  dent and crack.

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