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Indictments are coming in theTrump Scandal

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I posted this on Facebook today:

Indictments are coming in theTrump Scandal. About five weeks ago Roger Stone was the first to publicly acknowledge that a grand jury had been convened to pursue criminality in the scandal. There was speculation following his announcement that he might have appeared before the grand jury.

Since Trump has fired all U.S. Attorneys around the nation to prevent federal prosecutorial action pursuant to a calculated coverup carried out by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is h...imself implicated in the scandal, it remains primarily with the New York State Attorney General to initiate and pursue prosecution. So if there are one or more grand juries examining criminality, it is likely being done pursuant to the direction of the New York State Attorney General.

It is alleged that the grand jury investigations are forcusing on two matters: money laundering and Trump collusion with Russia in rigging the 2016 presidential election. New York State has jurisdiction over both matters. Paul Manafort is the target of the money laundering grand jury investigation that will focus, among other things, on his purchase of NYC real estate properties with millions of dollars in cash and then later taking out large mortgages on the properties to launder the transactions.

New York State also has jurisdiction over investigating Trump collusion with Russia in rigging the presidential election since activities to do so took place, among other sites, in New York State. Both Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn are likely targets of this grand jury inquiry.

Once the New York State indictments come down, there will be immense pressure to appoint a federal speciai prosecutor to initiate and pursue Trump criminality at the national level. Trump and the Republicans will fight to prevent such an appointment, but public outrage will ultimately force such a prosecutor being appointed by the new U.S. Assistant Attorney General who was recently confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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