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A Snapshot with Che

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2 hours ago, Dan Doyle said:

thanks for posting . Great addition to this unique piece of history.  expands and differs from John Lee Anderson's book on Che in a major way. 

I didn't know anything about it when I found it. I was really surprised by the twist at the end. I wrote the producer/director, who posted it, himself, to youtube and asked if his JFK related documentary called "Rendezvous With Death" will be uploaded as well. If he uploads I'll add the link here.

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CASTRO  con-vinced by Che Guevara, betrayed/destroyed the Revolution! 


M-26-7  Cuban 26th Of July Movement

That bravely fought, now represents

Lost liberty, unjust since 

The heroic 26th

Betrayed by Che Guevara

To executions

Or hellish prisons

There at Principe's Wall

And elsewhere fell


The Cuban Revolution.


by H J Dean, former member 26th July Movement




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