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Five Reasons the Comey Affair Is Worse Than Watergate

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Ty, since the presidential election in November the entire country has been struggling with the issue of Russian tampering in the election process and if it actually helped get Trump elected.

Struggling to understand how much importance we should give this tampering  ( if it really happened ) and how we should deal with it.

There is a sickening feeling about it all that is not going away and is actually growing and the issue is important enough that we "must" deal with it and one senses the only real way we can get through this mess is to have a serious investigation without financial and political bias restriction to get to not just the truth about the election tampering, but how much Trump and his circle of appointees are connected to and overly influenced by a foreign regime whose interests and principles conflict greatly with our own and who may be the culprit in this fraud of our democratic process.

We are all seeing and hearing too much now about Trump's actions in trying to influence this investigation momentum and make it all go away. And his efforts in this regards are becoming so overt and aggressive they seem to be pushing the boundaries of legality and reflect a desperateness we haven't seen since Nixon and Watergate.

Nixon's Watergate and his never ending and even criminal efforts at trying to cover it up became such a time consuming, exhausting and distracting issue with the rest of the country and our whole society, the decision was finally made to end it all by kicking Nixon out and jailing his fellow criminal cohorts.

I see the same exhaustion building within our country with Trump. And not just with his efforts to stonewall the Russian influence of our election issue.

It's also an exhaustion with his never ending confrontational mental and emotional style of leadership where every issue becomes an angry fight and all those who disagree with him and his decisions and policies are attacked and insulted and taunted like a jr, high school playground argument.

My evidence of the opinion I stated in my last post is admittedly just my own observation and interpretation of what I am seeing in every media every day regards Trump and these issues and the growing criticism ( and weariness ) of Trump from more and more of our highest authority and influence figures in the government and media.


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