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Report: FISA court has issued seal indictment against Trump

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Palmer vouches for this by saying his sources, Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor have been the most consistently accurate of the Trump rumor authors about FISA warrants. That may be..I personally hope he's right, but what I thought was the most damning hard evidence released by Palmer was a story about Trump sending a tape through Carter Page to the Russians promising a lifting of sanctions if he won the election. I thought the source of that was Louise Mensch, but I wanted to verify it, so I looked up the date that Doug posted that Palmer report. It was April 16th, so I checked Palmer's backlog and and 10 days  before that date and found he deleted it, so I think he would concede that Mensch has not been accurate about everything.

Then I found this from Newsweek.

Wild Rumors of Tapes:

The wildest tape rumor is one that is being passed around the internet by followers of former British MP Louise Mensch, whose dogged pursuit of the Trump-Russia connections has led her followers down some freaky rabbit holes. Mensch cites “sources with links to the intelligence community” who claim former Trump aide Carter Page hand-delivered to Moscow an audiotape made by Trump in which he promises to change American policy toward Russia if elected.

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