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On 4/28/2018 at 10:08 AM, Michael Clark said:

P. 28

Department of Defence Directive. December 5, 1957.

Policies governing the assignment of Military Personnel to the CIA.

Cancels the 1952 Directive 1315.2 which governed the use of military personnel in the CIA.

"Certain military personnel should be assigned to the CIA to provide adequate military participation and support at appropriate levels in the agency..... personnel should be the best qualified and most experienced available, with a well-founded understanding of their own service..."







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https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/ec498402-3465-453a-a17b-5f106a4e85fe/downloads/JMWAVE - AMBUD.pdf?ver=1569645475562

Classified message 

Date: 5 Jan 63

To:           Director

From:      WAVE

Action:    TFW 10

Info: ...


DIR CITE WAVE 3050 (?)



REF  Wa.. 2757

1.AMBUD-1 ETD 7 JAN National FLT 202 for ZRMETAL to confer with messrs Hurvitch of State and Califano of DOD Re Training of Cubans and possible arrangements specific program as incentive recruitment large number Brigade members. AMBUD-1 Me also pay courtesy call on GPFOCUS.

2.  FYI wish point out in AMBUD-1 feels brigade was creature of KUBARK and KUBARK must that make final determination re brigade’s future, i.e., what role will brigade play in exile community and how will it be used in future achieve liberation Cuba. AMBUD-1 Willing actively assist in implementing any KUBARK proposed solution but he has no ideas of his own despite fact he previously alerted to prepare for solution two problems which would occur when brigade returned.

3. Info currently available indicates troika of Artime, San Roman and Olivia under leadership And inspiration furnished by already May will manage hold major portion brigade together in other loose confederation as predicted para 1. WAVE influence over AMBUD-1 and Artime  should result this brigade confederation remaining internal part AMBUD altho exact details for this have not been worked out. If this ... listed brigade can be used as PM instrument which functions under AMBUD aegis. WAVE intends control this PM instrument thru recruitment ARTIME and Oliva. PM exploitation brigade will not result gainful employment any substantial number brigade members. Thus major portion brigade members who stay loyal AMBUD have no future as professional revolutionaries.  Additionally existing ODYOKE policy would appear preclude maintenance brigade as conventional fighting unit. Within current policy see no immediate role for brigade per se in PM ops as commandos or for building resistance mechanism Cuba. This brigade is at best de facto latent pool possible PM agent candidates if PM ops Are again initiated at pre-Oct 62 levels. Brigade offers no apparent FI potential and CI potential while being explored appears limited in scope. Realistically this means brigade must be settled, i.e., put back into private economy from which it came. This will in part be accomplished by new resettlement efforts which targeted against all Cuban refugees located Dade County.  This effort however not sufficient in scope or depth solve these economic problems which are bound erode initial buoyancy and esprit de corps which brigade has shown since its release. Economic and family pressures will mount as time passes and labor market Dade County cannot absorb labor force which brigade represents.  Resultant chaotic economic situation will then cause serious problems for AMBUD, KUBARK and ODYOKE.  Suggest therefore there merit in establishing safety valve now and believe this can be done establishing army recruitment program designed get some significant part of brigade into Army Cuban training program.  This obviously short term solution as WAVE has no insight into what DOD plans do with if Cuban army trainees once they finish basic training. If HQS has info regard this matter WAVE would appreciate expeditious receipt of this background info. Despite the fact recruitment brigade returnees into army only short term solution believe it worth pursuing as in our judgment such action will facilitate overall resettlement brigade members if for no other reason then it would stagger reinsertion brigade members into Dade County labor market. Suggest therefore HQS consideration alerting appropriate ODYOKE components re favorable aspects which inherent in using army Cuban recruitment program as resettlement device figure brigade returnees. If appropriate ODYOKE components agreed this worth doing it our opinion action would have to be taken start campaign among brigade returnees to publicize enlistment program.

4. Request HQS comment para 3.

End of message


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Found Gerald Patrick Hemming's military record on internet Archive. In the Ernie Lazar collection search "Gerald Patrick Hemming FOIA docs."


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