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If Just Half Of All Adult Americans Could View The "Fifth Estate" Documentary

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Trump would be out of office in less than 6 months.

How many American adults have seen this video piece?  Sadly only a minuscule amount. 

One of the most outrageous Trump lies that this documentary shows is footage of Trump speaking from the dais at his Moscow Miss Universe Pageant in 2013 where he publicly states he had spoken to Putin indirectly "and directly" and then viewers immediately see film footage of Trump years later at one of his Presidential campaign rallies saying " I've never met Putin" "I don't even know who he is." ???

Even our favorite JFK  event reporter Dan Rather is publicly stating this Trump/Pence/Russia leadership situation has descended into "chaos."

Thanks Danny...now if we could just get Tom Brokaw to do the same... maybe something will come of their combined sage warnings of concern.


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