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Michael Riconosciuto and the Octopus

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I am reposting all my research here as to keep multiple copies of my findings and to see if others can add to, or clarify what I've found so far. I think of it as a very flimsy safety netI first heard of Mike because of the Unsolved Mysteries episode . It was the first time I ever heard the word conspiracy and my life changed in that moment. Suddenly I began to look at things in a different light. And, at first I thought there was conspiracy everywhere. After I got over that I first kept that ability to critically look at something and not just accept at sight unseen. But enough rambling, And the other case that really got me hooked was the Tommy Burkett "suicide" and it by some strange twist of fate my two favorite theories are possibly connected. Almost feels like I'm suppose to look into this.

Michael Riconosciuto he seems to be at the center of several theories. I first came across him with researching Danny Casolaro, and the Octopus. Then he popped up other things going on at the Wackenhut Corporation. He again came up in my 9/11 research where he told FBI agents about an attack involving hijacked airplanes months beforehand. He gained this knowledge while in federal prison!! What's your take on him?

If even half the things on wiki are true he should be in a lab somewhere. He built a working Argon Laser at 16, created a neighborhood phone system even younger. And because he testified against the government during the Inslaw case he's been in federal prison since the mid 90's for making meth that they never found nor did they find any remains of a meth lab not even when they tested the soil and water for chemicals. He was punished for speaking out in my book.

I originally found out about Michael when researching Danny Casolaro Interestly the guy who put Dan in contact with Michael is another reported named Don Devereaux who later had a neighbor Doug Johnston murdered he lived across the street and worked in the complex and drove the same model car. Don and the LEO believe Don may have the intended target. Don also has ties to man named Charles Morgan. From what I've found all men knew Michael directly except for poor Doug Johnston he was just normal everyday guy.

I attempted to contact Don Devereaux via comment left on his homepage which was last updated July 2016 and the last post by him is August 2016. As of this post that message is still pending awaiting approval. 

I also sent emails to Rachel Begley another researcher involving the same group I am looking into. All addresses bounce with either no such user or mailbox full. Her website she had for her research falls off the web archive in 2013 which then redirects to a catholic internet forum until the domain expired. Her Youtube channel which used to have many videos detailing her research only has a single one. I located a twitter for her but it set protected. All her forum activity stops after 2009-2010. Like she's trying to disappear. The last person I tried  to contact is Bill Hamilton the CEO of Inslaw. My findings said he was still with Inslaw. So I sent emails linked to him via linkedin two bounce no such user one appears to go through even getting a read receipt but two days later I get a server timeout bounce for that email. 

 I am considering writing to Michael who is in Federal Prison, but that would be a waste of time because it either would not get to him or he couldn't answer. And bound to raise red flags everywhere. He is due for release 27 JUL 2017.

 I have debated about contacting Danny Casolaro's brother who still practices medicine. 

I am currently trying to find more information on the guy who rented the room next to Danny Casolaro's reportedly his name his Mike Looney. There was also a family in the room on the other side but they haven't located.

Through out my research I have received many messages both privately and in replies to the posts I have elsewhere. I am starting to get nervous but I can't help but to keep digging I have find the bottom of the rabbit hole!


Tommy Burkett


Doug Johnston. 


Charles Morgan

Danny Casolaro

Don Devereaux

Certified Copy of a letter Michael sent to his attorney in Feb 2001


Wackenhut tied to PROMIS 


Forum post with links to transcript of radio interview of Bill Hamilton 

Links to my other threads on this subject




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