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Cuba linked to JFK assassination, claims former CIA agent

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Mr Baer’s trawl of the files reveals that eight weeks before the assassination Oswald travelled(sic) to Mexico City and went to the Russian embassy there.

However, Mr Baer said: “There is damning evidence that he was not a lone wolf. I don’t think there was another shooter, but I think he was encouraged.”

He's putting a rifle into Oswald's hands based on forged evidence of a visit to Mexico City and the fact he spent time with Cubans.
Goes out of his way to say it was NOT the Russians...  it's as if the white Russian community he and his wife danced within didn't exit and in closer proximity to the actual deed.

[ Obviously written for propaganda purposes only. ]


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The other link on that news page about JFK engaging his younger pilot in a brief conversation about UFO's and ET's and their existence is a story I had mentioned on the forum years ago.

If true, this may tie into Doug Caddy's forum posted account of his last personal encounter with E.Howard Hunt, where Hunt implied that JFK  was killed because it was feared that he may have been considering exposing this secret?  Or perhaps JFK had been flapping his lips too much about this greatest secret in history to people who could cause trouble with this knowledge? Think that pilot, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Meyers? Who knows? 

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