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President Trump has appointed at least two Mormons to top positions in U.S. Government, Rex Tillerson to U.S. Secretary Of State

Jon Huntsman U.S. Ambassador to Russia, with hundreds of the faithful long embedded in lower government positions. The 'Deal'

is made with an All- powerful alleged-religious combine.  Sadly, America and the world will mourn.



The question...................future liberty

Arise! alert to sacrifice


Boycott the 'beastly mark' Mormon mastery

To tract all persons thoughts and deeds


Boycott this 'all powerful apostate Masonry

With it's assassin grip 'on all U.S. politics"


Boycott their 'common cause' new century

Buy not........sell not..........use not


Boycott the chaos-creator's 'pale' tyranny

Who's lackeys 'openly now' in lethal power rule


(C) h j Dean


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