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Was Carlos Hernandez the "Hernandez" that was with Oswald at Robert McKeown's? Some background on McKeown. He knew Carlos Prio, Fidel Castro and Jack Ruby. He used to sell/delivery weapons to Prio and Castro when they were on the same side fighting Batista in Cuba. McKeown's daughter had a relationship with Prio.

More background. McKeown also recognized Hernandez from Cuba. 


"This here other guy. I think he said his name was Hernandez. He was driving it (the car)." 

(Fonzi - Recall the color of the station wagon?)

"l think it was kinda pinkish. I don't know, it was a light color . But anyway, they knocked on the door and this guy, I opened the door and and this guy said,  my name is Oswald."


So, "Hernandez" and Oswald were hanging together late summer of 1963. Did they travel together to Dallas in September? Was Hernandez in Dallas the fall of '63?

There was the report of a speaker that said disparaging things about JFK that was recorded in October 1963. The speaker wanted the tape and went after the recorder saying that he was a black belt. This was an interview by Weisberg of the Castorrs who were present. I think it was a DRE. Pages 21-23.
"Was that the same evening when this chap who did speak became so indignant about his speech being recorded and he said that he was a member of the black belt."
Not many Cuban black belts out there that speak at DRE meetings. Was this Carlos Hernandez? 
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A couple of interesting docs.

This is from Dick Beal with Fitzgerald and Henry Hecksher signing off. The 'Black Team" will go to Costa Rica from Baltimore via the Joanne.They will stop in Cape Henry Virginia. The Joanne will also contain silenced weapons, Collins radios and other supplies. Notice the date Nov 27, 1963. Beal says to tell Quintero/AMJAVA-4
This doc says to keep the "Black Nine" quiet until they get to Tortoguero (Costa Rica).
This looks to me like Quintero's commandos plus one. They later on had issues getting back to the US. 
So, what's the hurry to get them out of the US and to Costa Rica? There's nothing at AMWORLD yet. 
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Bart Kamp is actively being monitored and censored on something he just posted an hour ago.  Keep up the good work Bart.  Post more.


This indicates Bart is being actively monitored and this makes me wonder how many other forum members are being spied upon by someone or some entity?

This is almost 56 years after the big event.  Why?

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I need to complain about this as this video is offered free to share by the people who created it. They claim about the audio. It is rubbish and I am complaining about this.

Use a proxy server. Such as THIS 

Chose EU server

There is a 2nd part of Wheaton and I am encoding two parts with Bradley Ayers as well. I will post the links later.

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I tried navigating to that YouTube chanel but I could not. I shared it to Facebook to see if I could navigate from there. The YouTube video shows-up in my feed but the link doesn’t work from there.

Does anyone have a link directly to that video or channel?

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There are a number of other Wheaton documents on my leb site at the link below; they support Appendix H in SWHT which is my discussion of the overall Wheaton story.   Of course Malcolm did start the whole thing by sending me a handful; it has certainly grown from there.


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