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ABC 20/20 program: Watergate -- Truth and Lies, June 16, 2017

Douglas Caddy

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St. John Hunt’s posting on Facebook on June 17, 2017, about 20/20 ABC | Watergate -- Truth & Lies | June 16, 2017


After watching the" Watergate Truth and Lies" last night, I realized it was just another layer of untruths and lies about what really happened with Watergate. It was nice seeing my good friend Roger Stone's interview and I was tickled that from over 2 hrs of my filmed interview I was shown for about 10 seconds. The problem with this "new" telling of H2Ogate is that it wasn't new.
The American people have been duped into believing that the Watergate Investigation and the removal of Nixon for obstruction of justice is proof that the Constitution and our Bill of Rights works. Sadly, it showed that corruption at the highest judicial levels coupled with a lynch mob prosecution and press can thwart the very rights our Constitution provides. Let me explain briefly.
The Watergate defendants, my father and five others, were denied their fifth and sixth amendment rights. The fifth amendment basically provides that "no person's life, liberty or property shall be taken without due process of the law." The sixth amendment provides "the right to a full and fair trial presided over by a fair and impartial trial judge." The right of due process was completely trashed when the trials themselves were media circuses. Judge Sirica appointed himself to preside over both Watergate trials and acted as an extension of the prosecution.
The Code of Conduct for Federal Judges states, "A judge should be faithful to, and maintain professional competence in, the law and should not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism." The Code forbids "ex parte" meetings, that is, secret meeting between judges and the prosecution for the purpose of convicting a defendant. A judge is not allowed to threaten a defendant with harsh sentencing unless the defendant "cooperates." Judge Sirica did these and more. He openly cross examined witnesses in front of the jury, he demanded that my father and the others plead guilty to all counts stating that "he knew they were guilty" on the first day of the trial! There were at least two dozen secret meetings between judge Sirica and members of the prosecution team, the Investigation Committee Chief Counsel, the DC circuit judge, the Watergate Special Task Force and others. If even one meeting had been discovered the trial would have been thrown out. These are just a few of the flagrant violations of the defendants rights, due process and the right to appeal.

ABC TV is guilty of continuing to cover up the truth about Watergate. Their TV special was called "Truth and Lies." I saw plenty of lies and very little truth. Shame on them. It's not a question that my father didn't commit crimes for the White House, he did, but he should have been given a fair trial. It cost him 4 years in prison, the loss of respect, financial ruin, our family disintegration, and ultimately led to the death of my mother Dorothy.
For further reading you must read "THE REAL WATERGATE SCANDAL" by Geoff Shepard. Thanks for caring enough to read this post.


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