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When I recently  wrote my paper https://www.academia.edu/32346233/Six_Compelling_and_Irrefutable_Reasons_Proving_that_President_Kennedy_was_Killed_by_a_Well-Organized_Plot

summarizing the 6 main reasons proving beyond any doubt  why JFK was killed by a well-organized conspiracy, I devoted (see section 2) of course a lengthy  analysis to the impossibility that exhibit  CE-399 could really be the actual bullet striking Gov. John Connally.

But now, another surprising and unexpected confirmation comes from the Director of an Italian Museum in Tuscany, Mr. Gianluca Iori, who released yesterday the official news regarding the discovery of the TRUE Oswald's  mail-ordered Carcano 91 in an Italian museum in Tuscany (near Pistoia).


Since the article covering these news is in Italian, I’m now translating and summarizing  the main points.

First of all, this incredible disclosure  is the aftermath of the discovery – months ago – in a corner of the Tuscan museum of the company SMI,  among many ancient pieces – of a rifle model  Carcano 91 showing  a label of the Warren Commission. This fact led to an official inquiry, to trace the origin of the rifle, and the reasons why it was found  there.

Then it was found that WC – in 1963-1964 -  ordered to better investigate the official weapon of JFK murder through a direct inspection to the Italian factory that produced the Mannlicher-Carcano   in 1940, and that task was carried out by a CIA team visiting  the company SMI (Società Metallurgica Italiana) which  was the controlling company of the factory (Carcano of Terni)  producing both  the weapon and the bullets..

It was found out that this model Carcano 91 (bought by LHO through a mail-order) was just firing bullets type SMI  650/91, of which the factory owned by SMI was the major producer the world over.

Another important point is that during the inspection of LHO's home in Dallas, a few hours after JFK assassination, it was found a loader type SMI.

And also, the model found last week in Italy is lacking the Japanese optical scope of Exhibit CE-399.

So, why CIA at that time “did forget” the original rifle in Italy, without carrying it back to the USA?

Probably at the end of their  survey in Italy, US agents found that the features of the loader, and bullets,  did not match with  the “official” weapon and bullets, and they were probably ordered not to bring again with them Oswald’s mail-ordered rifle, that was finally  abandoned  in Italy, in a corner of SMI company.

It is important to underline  that Director of SMI museum, Mr. Gianluca Iori, openly declared last week that now it is really  possible to say that the “official” weapon of JFK murder, as kept by the National Archives and Records Administration in Maryland is just a FAKE.

I hope to get more news on this issue  in the next days, but what we got now seems already very, very interesting.

July 10, 2017

Alberto Miatello






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Thanks for the info.

However we already knew the rifle found on the sixth floor TSBD and the rifle on display in Wash DC are not the same. That fact was so ably pointed out by David Jacobs on this forum.

Apparently the rifle in Italy is the same rifle found on the sixth floor. The Italians can easily verify that the rifle found on the sixth floor and the rifle in Italy match by inspection of the photos provided by Jacobs.

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Interesting. George -  I'm not familiar with the facts you laid out. But on its face it makes no sense to leave the real MC rifle in existence at all if there was a switch. Still, I'd like to see further evidence.

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"Josephs",  George...  :cheers    

Also see how similar the "38 T.S." is versus the "91/38 T.S." vs the "91/28 T.S"

The Secret Service report reconfirms that the rifle from Kleins was a TROOP SPECIAL yet if you look at the ad, it states "Rear sight Adjustable"... the 91/38 FC and TS are both FIXED rear sight.  So while the 91/38 TS rifle, the 36" carbine, C20-T750, is believed to have been "mailed by Kleins".. the rifle's ad does not match the rifle recovered, as we know, yet it is not until April 1963 when the ad changes to the 40" FC rifle with fixed "open sight".






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Don't believe me, believe your eyes. Study the photographs.

I get what you're saying about the rifle. I thought the same thing. But rather than express doubt check the rifle in Italy against the photographs. That should remove all doubt either way.

However it really doesn't matter if someone in Italy has the rifle that Oswald ordered. There were photographs taken of the rifle that was found on the sixth floor and of the rifle that is in Wash DC. The rifles don't match.

Edited by George Sawtelle
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"David Jacobs" is one of the most well known UFO abduction phenomenon researchers and best selling writers.

He concludes an ET/Human hybrid race is being created to replace us regular humans here on Earth.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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This was almost funny at first.  Something was lost in the translation though.  The Corsican CIA hit team supervised by Paul Harvey left the Real assassination weapon, ordered by Jack Ruby and given to Oswald, in a Catholic Church in Italy and given to a museum in 2017?

I wasn't trying to be funny if anyone took it that way.     

Edited by Ron Bulman
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@George + Paul


Please, note that Director  Gianluca Iori is not a “conspiracist”. He does not suspect neither that  Oswald could be a framed  “patsy”, nor that probably he did not fire at all from TSBD that Nov. 22, 1963. And Iori does not suspect that CE399 is a fake bullet, that is - in its turn - different from the one (another fake probably planted by Jack Ruby)  described by Tomlinson, and lacking several signatures by the officers who handed and inspected  it.

Mr. Iori is believing the “official” version by WC, and he simply think that Oswald was the lonely gunman, and he  fired 2 bullets “suitable” for his mail-ordered 91 Carcano, and then – for some unknown reasons – he added another “anomalous” bullet (CE399).

But the point is:

Now we know that  91 Carcano model that was found in LHO’s home was just shooting MAGNETIC STEEL JACKETED SMI BULLETS.

So, why should have LHO used a NON-MAGNETIC COPPER JACKETED BULLET as CE399 that did not fit with his rifle?

The answer can be just one: the person(s) who arranged the false specimen CE399 did not know that Oswald’s rifle was just shooting SMI magnetic steel jacketed ammunitions. When he(they)  knew – after the inspection to SMI factory in Italy  and  ballistic test – that the fake bullet CE399 did not fit at all with Oswald’s rifle, they told CIA agents in Italy to leave there the rifle, because it was not the right Carcano, and then they found another  Carcano to replace the one in Italy.

It was impossible to replace the fake copper bullet with a steel SMI bullet, because anyone could see the difference between a brown bullet as CE399 and a steel SMI bullet.  



What “Catholic Church”  ????? Are you kidding???

The inspection by CIA agents took place in a SMI  FACTORY, in CAMPO TIZZORO (near Pistoia Italy),  the only one producing that model of Carcano, and  that location  only in  last years  became a museum of the factory.

Is this so surprising or “funny” for you?

Please, read here (but I think you cannot read, because it is written just in Italian)


Definitely  you don’t know at all that in Campo Tizzoro there was one of the biggest  producer of weapons (7,000 workers!) during II World War,  and there were also military locations that until the end of XX century (a few years ago) were totally protected by military secret.









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You wrote:

However we already knew the rifle found on the sixth floor TSBD and the rifle on display in Wash DC are not the same. That fact was so ably pointed out by David Jacobs on this forum.”

What you wrote is correct, of course,  but just partially.

One thing is just an indirect, documental, logical proof.

And yet, very much stronger and persuading is any MATERIAL EVIDENCE proving directly  a fact beyond any doubt.

For example: one thing is that you, me, etc. believe that President Kennedy was struck by the 1st bullet on his throat, by a frontal shooter on the Grassy Knoll, because Malcolm Perry said it was an “entry wound”, etc., etc.

Much more persuading would be (of course this is just a theoretical  example!)  if  Kennedy’s body is exhumed, and a bullet stuck in his backbone behind  his throat is found, because this would be  undisputable  material evidence of a frontal shot.

David Jacobs thinks that the “official” Mannlicher-Carcano CE139 of National Archives in Maryland is just a fake, based on the comparison of sizes of rifles  from  photos, and you, me, and thousands of persons obviously can 100% share this opinion.

But unfortunately  this is just a logical, and indirect proof, much weaker than a material proof.

But now, if we can prove that the TRUE Carcano 91 (owned by Oswald)  is the one discovered in Italy these days, and labeled in 1963 by WC, this  is definitely the strongest and most persuading evidence that CE139 is just a hoax, don’t you agree?




Edited by Alberto Miatello
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I was forgetting….

The TOTALLY NEW very important fact   that Gianluca  Iori’s investigation discovered these days, and that was TOTALLY UNKNOWN so far, is that OSWALD’S CARCANO 91 (that he bought through a mail-order)  WAS JUST SHOOTING  MAGNETIC STEEL –JACKET BULLETS, AS PRODUCED BY SMI, AND NOT COPPER-JACKET (non-magnetic)  BULLETS AS CE399.

This makes even less believable that CE399 could be one of the bullets that have been fired (even allowing that Oswald’s rifle really fired!) that Nov. 22. 1963.


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Thank you for these posts.

It would certainly be helpful at this point if good quality photos of the rifle from the Tuscan museum were available to researchers.  I did a little web searching and couldn’t find anything.  Do you know if SMI has taken any photographs?  Closeups of the rifle stamps and the WC label would be really helpful.

Do you know if the museum exhibit is open to the public? 

The article you linked appears to be a wine connoisseur publication.  Are you aware of any other similar published accounts, or is this subject radioactive even in Italy?  Sorry for all the questions and thanks again.

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This story is both interesting and confusing. I let the Italian news article, quoted by Alberto in his first post on the topic, translated using Google Translate. The translation does not seem ideal, however, I get from it is that the Museum director had it that the rifle which was allegedly used to shoot the President from the sixth floor could fire both the magnetic (SMI) and the non-magnetic US. shells:

"Our ammunition, in fact, was magnetic, while what was fatal to the American president no. Oswald that morning loaded the rifle with three bullets, two magnetic magnets (sic), and one US production. History wanted the decisive projectile to be the American one. "

I am also confused about the timing and who was in possession of the rifle. The rifle was allegedly brought to Italy by some CIA agents, and it would be the period when the Warren Commission was already in session. However, the evidence, including photographs of rifles has been made right away after the act, and the rifle was in possession of the FBI from early on, and it maybe was only loaned to the Warren Commission for a particular day. How could that well-documented rifle be taken to Italy and changed for another rifle? When would this happen?

Anyway, thanks to Alberto for posting this interesting find.

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