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JFK and the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" Program

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The History Channel's program Ancient Aliens interviewed me for its Series 12, Episode 9 that aired on July 7, 2017. The title of the episode is "The Majestic Twelve." The only other participant in the show that I have met is Linda Moulton Howe for whom I have the highest regard and respect. I may also appear in episodes that are aired later. In this one I was asked what Howard Hunt told me as to why JFK was assassinated when Hunt and I had dinner in 1975 just before he entered prison to serve his sentence for Watergate.

I recognize that there are some members of the forum who predictably will attack the program based on their past postings on the topic in the forum. No one has a monopoly on "the truth" and I certainly have never maintained that I do. My philosophy has always been to encourage the free exchange of ideas.


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Watched this show tonight Doug Caddy. 

As you know I am interested in all the topics mentioned.

You looked great and your sharings, including your recounting of your last one-on-one meeting with E.Howard Hunt, were compelling.

Being featured ( along with other well known persons in this field ) on a nationally broadcast, prime time, widely viewed program is quite the exposure.


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Thank you, Joe, for your kind comments.

You may find of interest the Dark Journalist video that was released last week. It is part 1 of four parts. JFK's knowledge of the Alien Presence is traced back to when he served in the Office of Naval Intelligence in World War II and later in Congress. Most intriguing are the segments dealing with Gorbachev and Reagan in which they talk about the Alien Presence. Reagan even asks rhetorically, are they not already with us? I am also interviewed on the video.


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2 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

I hope you will post the follow on story scheduled for tomorrow 

You can view the formal announcement tomorrow. From the article:

On Wednesday October 11, at 9:00 AM PT and 12:00 PM EST, the team will launch the new initiative at an event to be live-streamed from Seattle. Tom will introduce his colleagues and explain the intentions and purpose of the new company, and its need for public support. To tune in, or to watch it aftewards, click here.


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