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JFK Numbers had its first blocked video, by Disney. See dispute.

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I encourage our team to hold fast and stay safe. 

Mr. Herrera,

I really can't understand why you persist. This is not some conspiracy against you. I don't think you should begin to cast aspersions on the admin here. Just accept their position and move on. 

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I personally doubt that the forum would be sued for linking to a web page exhibiting "fair use" copyrighted material. However, I don't blame the moderators for being concerned about that possibility. If that content were directly observable on the forum (i.e. without clicking a link), then even I would be concerned.

I think that the admonition "better safe than sorry" applies.

That said, I believe you may be right about your clip being fair use. According to this legal article, your YouTube case is strengthened by two factors: 1) that the use is for non-profit purposes; and 2) the clip is short. The shorter the clip, the better your case.

BTW, I believe that you may be hurting your case by making statements that will mean little if anything to the person reviewing it. Examples:

  1. "(specifically: its numbers)"  [What does that mean?]
  2. The sentence about ABC, Peter Jennings, Dale Myers, and Steve Jobs. [That just confuses the issue.]
  3. Your threat to publish it elsewhere. [The reviewer might just think, "Fine, go ahead. Then it won't be my problem."]


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