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4 hours ago, Joseph McBride said:

Morrison immolated himself in front of the Pentagon, not the White House.

McNamara witnessed it and was troubled by it.

Thanks Joseph McBride you are right. 

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On 8/5/2017 at 10:07 AM, Ray Mitcham said:

Buddy Walthers

"Upon searching this house we found stacks of hand bills concerning "Cuba for Freedom" advertising, seeking publicity and support for Cuba. Also found was a set of metal file cabinets containing records that appeared to be names and activities of Cuban sympathizers. All of this evidence was confiscated and turned over to Captain Fritz of the Dallas Police Department and Secret Service Officers at the City Hall."

"Mr. WALTHERS. You could tell it from the way it was tied and the impression of where that barrel went up in it where it was tied, that a rifle had been tied in it, but what kind---you couldn't tell, but you could tell a rifle had been wrapped up in it, and then we found some little metal file cabinets---I don't know what kind you would call them---they would carry an 8 by 10 folder, all right, but with a single handle on top of it and the handle moves. 
Mr. LIEBELER. About how many of them would you think there were? 
Mr. WALTHERS. There were six or seven, I believe, and I put them all in the trunk of my car and we also found a box of pictures, a bunch of pictures that we taken. 


 "Some imagination."

6 or 7, 8 X 10.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/10/2020 at 1:08 AM, Ron Bulman said:

See the barrel in the back ground?


"Libeler, ... you found seven file cabinets full of cards that had the names of pro Castro sympathizers on them, but you don't remember seeing any of them..."

Walthers, "could have been one, but I didn't see it."

Libeler, "you mentioned the Fair Play For Cuba leaflets that were in a barrel".

Walthers:  "That's right - we got a stack of them out of that barrel..."


Has anyone ever thought to contemplate this?

FPCC pamphlets distributed by Oswald multiple time over the summer of 1963 by Oswald. 

FPCC pamphlets with 544 Camp street stamped on them distributed one day only per Garrison.

Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade corrected by Jack Ruby on 11/22/63 "That's the Fair Play For Cuba Committee, Henry"

A barrel with FPCC pamphlets in it in Michael and Ruth Paine's garage on 11/22/63.  Per a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff.

I guess Lee hitchhiked or rode a bus from New Orleans per Ruth's testimony toting the 6-7 small file cabinets And the barrel full of Fair Play For Cuba flyers?  As well as the rifle?

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