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 Excerpts from 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS, The U.S. Rebellion first five year plan, December 1958 to December1963,

by The New Americanist religious/political combine.

(1) 1960s seizure of Republican Party apparatus.

(2) ...subverting operations of brilliant and firey twisted

propaganda causing national foreboding and fear that

the U.S. Government might actually be under Communist

control and direction.


Examples " unless we can have an

awakening...and rebellion against the appeasement policies

of our government outside, and it's Communizing policies

inside America, the Communists  are going to succeed ".

" in the course of awaking America  there was a rapidly

rising identification of the policies of the Kennedy administration

with the plans of the Communists ".

" unless we can eventually, and in time, reverse by political

action, the gradual surrender of the United States to

Communism, the ultimate alternative of reversal by military

uprising is fearful to contemplate ".

..." we are opposing a conspiracy... our determination to

overthrow an entrenched tyranny is the very stuff of

which revolutions are made ".

..." the result of failure in this fight most positively will be

concentration camps, or worse, and soon...we must all 

stick together or we will surely hang separately ".

President Kennedy stated " the very system of government is

in dire peril and may not survive my term in office ".Kennedy

was describing  the severe threat posed by this extremely 

powerful cooperative...sedition at work.














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 excerpt from 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS .." .the planned  New Americanist  scheme

with it's framework so cunningly in place for more than a half century, moved quickly...22 Nov 1963

to consolidate and hold perpetual power over a bewildered government and confused nation ".

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