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Jason Ward

Jason Ward

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I am an aging graduate student in the History Department at Arizona State.   My research interests include coup d'état in the context of the Cold War.  Living in Dallas for many years made me intrigued with the numerous tidbits of information I received from very minor and certainly unknown Dallas residents of 1963.  For instance, a few of Jack Ruby’s employees (dancers) were still floating around the somewhat shady side of bars and nightclubs in the late 1990s.  They have pictures and anecdotes too risqué for the likes of the WC, plus their untraditional lifestyle might in the eyes of some cast doubt on their veracity.   In any event, I have a small collection of just-slightly-assassination-related material I personally collected from these sources.  I hope to incorporate this into a thesis at Arizona State somehow.  I am always anxious for polite conversation so please contact me anytime.

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