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"That Glorious Banquet"

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When Julius Caesar was assassinated, Marcus Tulius Cicero, who was away from Rome for the occasion, wrote his friend, Senator and conspirator, Gaius Trebonius, saying "I wish that I could have been present for that glorious banquet; there would have been no leavings".By "leavings" Tully was not referring to sweet potato fries left uneaten, he was referring to Mark Anthony. Gaius Trebonius was opposed to killing Mark Anthony because, he argued, the action against Caesar was not a coup de ta, or a murder; it was an execution.Sorting-out that distinction is a very interesting argument, but requires an understanding of the Republican Roman "constitution", as it was. The salient point is that (almost) everyone had a hand in the matter. There are several accounts as to how many wounds Caesar received, and there are more participants than wounds, by most accounts.

.It's fair, here, to offer JFK's statement that Success has a hundred fathers, while Failure is an orphan. That there happened to be many, many, "fathers" near Dealy Plaza, roundabout 11-22-63 is a subject that is often encountered during our investigation and dialectic.There was careful attention paid to a sheep-dipping operation for the Dallas hit; and it went to the top, and everywhere else.

In this case, it should be called a "wolf-dipping"..

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