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CAPA Covers Former HSCA Staffers’ Suit Against CIA On JFK

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Recently Paul Craig Roberts recounted a conversation he had with James Jesus Angleton, a former head of CIA counterintelligence, in which they discussed strategies that the CIA employs to dupe the American and global public, with a view to perpetrating criminal agendas, cloaked beneath the lie of “national interests”.  Angleton explained to Roberts that, 

intelligence services create stories inside stories, each with its carefully constructed trail of evidence, in order to create false trails as diversions. Such painstaking work can serve a variety of purposes … Then if the official story gets into trouble, the backup story can be released in order to deflect attention into a new false story or to support the original story.

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Even though I realize this will never see the light of day in the Main Stream Media I thought it significant from a historical perspective.  Other posters here are much more well versed than I on the subject but Blakey uniting with Hardway and Lopez for legal action seems important.  In recent years Blakey said "The Agency set me up...obstruction of Justice"  and I believe words to the effect of "if they stonewalled us on this then..."  Here's the full origin article and a couple of related links for more perspective.




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