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JFK The Last Witness: Kennedy's Assassination, Finally The Truth!

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Where can someone find this book JFK The Last Witness: Kennedy's Assassination, Finally The Truth!  I tried Amazon / Bookfinder / ABE Books nothing.

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1 hour ago, James DiEugenio said:

Who is the last witness?



The book was co-authored by William Reymond and Billie Sol Estes. From what I can gather, Estes is the "last witness" and lays the blame for JFK's assassination at the feet of LBJ.

Estes' claim is based on audio tapes of conversations he had with Johnson aide, Cliff Carter.

Published in France under the title as Chris said, " JFK le dernier témoin , (translated as The Last Witness") I've read two reviews that said the book was never published in English.

I have not read the book, or its Preface or Foreword.


Mark, if you don't read French, you can do a Google search for "The Last Witness" and get a sense of what the book is about from people who do.


Steve Thomas

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20 hours ago, Mark Wengler said:

I tried Amazon / Bookfinder / ABE Books nothing.

There is a digital ebook version "floating around" on the 'net. In theory you could copy & paste the very short chapters (most are less than three pages) into google translate. There are also some good document images included in the digital version, if that's what you're after. Those images, of course, are in English.

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Just accessed the link to "Billie Sol Estes: A Living Legend."

Admittedly not knowing much at all about Estes before reading this entry, I come away feeling his story adds more to the JFK assassination story than others may feel it does.

First, I see Estes as the consummate con man. Conning even himself most of his life. Much like all those crazy Southern evangelical preachers that all ended exposed as frauds. 

Conning himself into believing that his mix of religious moral value principles and doings ( he sees himself somewhat of a Robin Hood ) with his constant obsessive crooked scam manipulating doings somehow balances it all out ( the good and bad ) in the final analysis.

It would be so easy ( too easy ) however, to dismiss "everything" Estes and his co-author writes in their book as nothing more than just total B.S. from one of the best ever.

As I have so often expressed about not dismissing out-of-hand credibility damaged testimony , when you cross reference everything Estes says with other known testimonies and facts, I believe it's possible to filter through the B.S. and see many amazingly disturbing but true corroborating pieces of the JFK and even RFK and MLK murder puzzles.

One main theme that I see in Estes story that I see over and over and over again is the connection to organized crime on a scale that reinforces my take that America had been so corrupted in the 20th century by organized crime that this corruption is one of American society's top three legacies in this time period. It seems a mind boggling amount of our elected and appointed government officials  ( all the way to the top ) were in some way touched, effected and usually compromised by organized crime or other corrupt entities. 

The film the Godfather didn't come close to revealing the massive true influence and power this devil's cult had accumulated since the 1930's and through the JFK in Dallas times.

RFK's book "The Enemy Within" was an attempt at waking everyone up to the true reality power and influence existence of this megalithic monster ( or "cancer" if you will.)

Of course there were many other corruptions. Huge ones like big oil, military contracts, and countless other groups and "deals" as Estes calls them.

Estes world ( LBJ's too ) was one so married to corruption that to them, it was just a naturally accepted part of their daily thought processes and doings - their very existence.

This is one of the main truths and realities I see in reading Estes' book. And when he tells of his many years of dealings with organized crime figures it takes me back to the reality of how many high profile others in the JFK murder story were too. 
LBJ/Hoover/Nixon ... all compromised by organized crime corruption and often all the other groups I describe.

Military contractors, big oil, agricultural and other business and police agencies and so many other realms.

JFK and RFK were trying to exist and manifest their policies in a world so vastly corrupt, they never had a chance.

Like they were swimming against huge water waves of corruption in an inner tube.

Like I have said before, until all Americans come to the true grips ( emotionally and intellectually ) of the enormity of how corrupt this country has been throughout the 20th century ( and especially during the Kennedy years ) and in many ways still is all the way to the top, we will continue to be so much less of a society than we were ever meant to be.

Just this ending thought. Yes, the Kennedy's themselves and their wealth and influence and power were born out of corruption. That's an accepted fact.  But even very corrupt lineages ( through the fateful randomness of nature-or perhaps less corrupt maternal genes?) sometimes produce offspring whose inner nature is more inclined toward the higher humanity virtues.

In my mind and heart, JFK and RFK were of this enlightened trait.

But evil dark forces ( much greater in number ) prevailed over them and our societal ideals.

However much these corrupt forces effected JFK's and RFK's removal, I still think it couldn't be done without the approval of all the highest levels of our government and military in unison.  Which again demonstrates how pervasive this corruption was and some may say, still is.



Edited by Joe Bauer
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FYI... I also recommend reading what famed Texas Lawman Clint Peoples had to say about his ongoing investigation of Estes. You can find a  PDF either in either John Armstrong's or Harold Weisberg's archive (I can't remember which).

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