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JVB and the cancer / Castro Plot

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19 minutes ago, George Sawtelle said:


Chronic low dose radiation does suppress the immune system. Doses as low as 100 rad.

I recently read an article that discusses this very issue. If you like I can post it for your review.

From "Me and Lee" Judyth Vary Baker pg 495

Clay Shaw arrived with a zippered bag like the blue one Lee owned. It held two thermoses, one contained the deadly cancer cells. The other contained a sterile medium for replenising the liquid in the other thermos to keep the cells alive. There were also packets resembling packets of sugar to make more sterile medium, if necessary.

pg 499

There he was handed a second blue zippered "lunch bag" and told that it contained fresh cancer cells which would give the Product two extra days of shelf life.

pg 500

Lee went to the disignated drop-off point ... a souvenir shop where he was supposed to meet a medical technician that would continue to keep the cells alive.

So apparently steps were taken to preserve the designer cancer. Oswald, who left Louisianna in the morning by plane, would fly to Dallas and then Houston where he would take a bus to the Mexican border and then to Mexico City. In Mexico City he would hand the weaponized cancer to a cuban who would then take it to Cuba.

But I believe there was a more sinister plan in the works. Oswald would get as far as Laredo where he was met by two cubans who told him the plan had been called off and he was drive to Dallas with them. Upon arriving in Dallas, Oswald and the two cubans met with Sylvia Odio at her house. But what happened to the second blue bag supposedly containing weaponized cancer? And what happened to the original blue bag that was given Oswald in Louisianna? I believe the second blue bag was taken to Dallas by Oswald where it was discarded and the original blue bag with the weaponized cancer was left in Houston.

I don't think Oswald made it to Mexico City.


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