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Harvey Lee Oswald, not CIA

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This is not to say that there wasn't a CIA file on a Harvey Lee Oswald, it's just that I am interested in such files that were not CIA related.


I've collected a few references that I have run across and, by no means, is this a comprehensive list.


Probe Magazine From the January-February, 1998 issue (Vol. 5 No. 2)


Harvey, Lee and Tippit:
A New Look at the Tippit Shooting

By John Armstrong


John asks, Why does Sheriff Decker's file list the assailant's name as "Harvey Lee Oswald"?

(What Decker file is John Armstrong referring to?)


WC testimony of Earlene Roberts April 8, 1964



Mr. BALL. Do you remember the day the President was shot?
Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes; I remember it---who would forget that?
Mr. BALL. And the police officers came out there?
Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Do you remember what they said?
Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, it was Will Fritz' men---it was plainclothesmen and I was at the back doing something and Mr. Johnson answered the door and they identified themselves and then he called me.
Mr. BALL. What did they say?
Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, they asked him if there was a Harvey Lee Oswald there.
Mr. BALL. What did he say?
Mrs. ROBERTS. And he says, "I don't know, I'll have to call the housekeeper," and he called me and I went and got the books and I said, "No; there's no one here by that name," and they tried to make me remember and I couldn't, and Mrs. Johnson come in in the meantime and there wasn't nobody there by that name, and Mrs. Johnson said, "Mrs. Roberts, don't you have him?" And, I said, "No; we don't, for here is my book and there is nobody there by that name." We checked it back a year.
Mr. BALL. And you didn't have that name you didn't ever know his name was Lee Oswald?
Mrs. ROBERTS. No---he registered as O. H. Lee and they were asking for Harvey Lee Oswald.


At 2:40 PM, W.E. Potts, B.L. Senkel and Lt. E.L. Cunningham were dispatched to 1026 N. Beckley. Potts wrote in his after-action report (Box 2, Folder# 9, Item# 32) http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/box2.htm that after he finished taking some affidavits, Fritz dispatched them to the Beckely St address at 2:40 and they arrived at Beckley at 3:00PM.


DPD Archives Box 3, Folder# 12, Item# 1 Undated Report of B.L. Senkel.


He rode in the left rear seat of the motorcade's pilot car along with Deputy Chief George Lumpkin, F.M. Turner, George L. Whitmeyer, and Jack Puterbaugh.

(Lumpkin and Whitmeyer were Army Intelligence Reserves).


Walter E. Potts, Billy L. Senkel and Fay M. Turner were Detectives in Will Fritz's Homicide Bureau.

Lt. Elmo L. Cunningham was a lieutenant in the Forgery Bureau. Both Bureaus were part of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Batchelor's Exhibit 5002 (19H)



CE 2003 located in (24H259) is the list submitted to Captain Gannaway through Jack Revill of TSBD employees. It is dated November 22, 1963. Heading that list is Harvey Lee Oswald at 605 Elsbeth. The Report submitted to Gannaway says it is coming thru Jack Revill. Page 3 of CE 2003, found on page 260, is signed by R.W. Westphal, Detective, Criminal Intelligence Section and P.M. Parks, Detective, Administrative Section. R.W. Westphal and P.M. Parks were both Detectives in the Special Service Bureau. Carroll and Taylor were also Detectives in that Bureau. W.P. Gannaway was the Captain and Revill was one of the Lieutenants.



WC testimony of FBI Agent, John Lester Quigley, who interviewed Oswald in New Orleans on August 10, 1963.


Quigley told the WC that he got a call from Lt. Francis L. Martello, platoon commander of the First District, New Orleans Police Station saying that the police had a prisoner who wanted to talk to an FBI Agent. When Quigley got there, Oswald was introduced to him as Harvey Lee Oswald.


There have been references on several threads about a cable sent on the evening of 11/22 from Fort Sam Houston to Strike Command, McDill AFB in Florida. In the cable, reference was made, to information obtained by Detective Don Stringfellow of the Dallas Police Department. I managed to locate a copy of the cable, which you can find here:


I think this is in the Weisberg collection.


L.D. Stringfellow was a Detective in the Dallas Police Department's Special Service Bureau of which Revill was a Lieutenant.



1) Note the reference in this military intelligence file's cable to Harvey Lee Oswald

2) Earlene Roberts told the WC that when the police came to 1026 N. Beckley, they were trying to find a guy named Harvey Lee Oswald

3) The list of TSBD employees prepared for Gannaway by Westphal and Parks thru Revill on Friday afternoon listed Harvey Lee Oswald at 605 Elsbeth

3) In the Stringfellow cable referenced above, Harvey Lee Oswald was described as 5'10" tall, 165 lbs, with blue eyes

4) The initial description broadcast over the DPD radio at 12:45 P.M. was for a suspect approximately 30 years old, weighing 165 lbs and nobody knows where that description came from.



  1. I once posed the question, "How did the police first learn of the 1026 N. Beckley address?". Fritz told the WC that some officer (whose name he couldn't remember) stopped him out in the hall before he went in to talk to LHO for the first time, and told him that Oswald lived on Beckley. My conclusion then, was the information came from source in military intelligence.


Others have come to the same conclusion.



Was Billy Senkel the officer who told Fritz about 1026 N. Beckley and was he dispatched there looking for a Harvey Lee Oswald because of his association with Lumpkin and Whitmeyer?


I don't know what this all means. What I am thinking right now is that members of the U.S. Army Reserves (in some capacity, whether it was Crichton's mythical 488th or not) had put together a dossier of a blue-eyed, 5'10" 165 lb Harvey Lee Oswald that they handed over to the Dallas Police Department. They told the police, "This is the guy you're looking for. He lives over on Beckley"

I think this dossier had been shared with other police departments around the country such as New Orleans.

Oswald is referred to as Harvey Lee Oswald in an FBI report coming out of Mobile, AL on 12/24/63

(23H372) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1139#relPageId=404&tab=page


Oswald is referred to as Harvey Lee Oswald in an FBI report coming out of Sherman Oaks, CA on 11/29/63 (23H207) https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1139#relPageId=239&tab=page


Chuck Schwartz in the Education Forum on June 2, 2016 in the thread entitled, “Two Dallas cops were involved in the pre-arranged murder of Tippit...”



Quoting from Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics & the Death of JFK, Chuck posts:


“Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, military intelligence teams from the army, navy, and air force, and other federal agencies with investigators operating from headquarters here…The job of [Revill's] intelligence section in Capt. Gannaway's bureau…requires the closest cooperation with these other governmental agencies gathering intelligence on subversive groups suspected of espionage…With membership in a national police intelligence organization known as LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Units) the local officers are able to get information almost immediately on suspected subversives when they move into Dallas. This information is exchanged by police units as these persons move from city to city…Employees in [industrial] plants are carefully screened by security conscious personnel officers, and in key jobs are given strict government security clearances. Industry is taking great strides to upgrade security practices. One such group in this area is the American Society for Industrial Security.”


“ One can see how easily a false legend for Oswald could have been generated in the shared files of this coordinated security campaign, involving the Dallas SSB, FBI, military intelligence, and the American Society for Industrial Security. Such a centralized file system could be the source for the recurring (and unexplained) inversion of Oswald's name, as Harvey Lee Oswald, in the files of the Dallas police (e.g., 19 WH 438, 24 WH 259), FBI (e.g., 23 WH 207, 23 WH 373), Secret Service (16 WH 721, 748), army intelligence, and navy intelligence.”


“America's Secret Police Network”, by George O'Toole. Penthouse Magazine, December, 1976. pp. 77-82, cont'd on pp. 194-206.



“The LEIU links the intelligence squads of almost every major police force in the United States and Canada.... The organization (LEIU) forms a vast network of intelligence units that exchange dossiers and conduct investigations on a reciprocal basis.” O'Toole goes on to say that the CIA often recruited sources within local police departments and that co-opting local police in foreign countries is “standard CIA operating procedure”.

(I'm thinking of Westbrook going to Saigon to train the local police after he left the DPD).

O'Toole also wrote about how closely Army Intelligence worked with local police and cites the case of the Chicago Police being in “daily contact” with the 113th Military Intelligence Group in the late 1960's and early 1970's.


Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XVIII

Current Section: CE 985 - Letter from the Department of State to the Commission, dated May 18, 1964, with attached documents from the ...




There's a file on a Harvey Lee Oswald that goes back to at least the 1960 – 61, time frame





The author of this memorandum is unknown. The subject of the memo is Harvey Lee Oswald. It looks like it dates from 1972.

The DC/CI (counterintelligence) advised me that the Director had relayed via the DDP (Deputy Director of Plans) the injunction that the Agency was not, under any circumstances, to make inquiries or ask questions of any source or defector about Oswald.”


The Soviets rejected the Soviet citizenship application of Harvey Lee Oswald.



I have not fleshed this out, but I have read in the past that there was a CIA file under the name Harvey Lee Oswald, and it ties back to the Mexico City incident and Angleton's mole hunt. This Harvey Lee Oswald file may indeed go back as far as Oswald's fake defection to Russia in 1960. As Dulles was the former Director of the CIA, he would more than likely have been aware of it.


The Harvey Lee Oswald name can't be attributed to a simple inversion, or a mistake, or a typo. It appears in too many places. You have it showing up in Military Intelligence files, FBI files, and local law enforcement files. I believe that a dossier on a Harvey Lee Oswald was circulated or shared across many different intelligence agencies. Now when that dossier was started, and by whom and for what purpose, are open questions.


And it's not just U.S. Files. The letter from Anatoly Dobrynin to the U.S. State Department concerning Harvey Lee Oswald's request for Soviet citizenship is dated December, 1963. It doesn't say when he applied for that citizenship, but the character reference memo from the Minsk Radio factory is dated December 11, 1961 and refers to “Citizen” Harvey Lee Oswald.


On page 430 of CE 985 (cited just above), there is a Certificate dated January 1, 1960 that “Comrade”, Lee Harvey Oswald was employed as an assembler at the Minsk Radio Plant.


Citizen” Harvey Lee Oswald was hired as a regulator at the Minsk Radio Plant on January 13, 1960.



So, “Comrade” Lee Harvey Oswald went from being employed as an assembler in the Minsk Plant on January 1, 1960 to being “Citizen” Harvey Lee Oswald hired as a “regulator in the experimental shop of the plant” on January 13th




I would be interested in learning of any other official non-CIA or non-FBI references to Harvey Lee Oswald that anyone may come across. I already know of several civilian instances.


Steve Thomas

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