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The Stamp on the Military ID card

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The more I study these two cards, the more I think the Nagell copy was produced via fax or wire and that it is, in fact, the same document as the extant Oswald version.

There are three light grey vertical lines on the right side of Nagell version which apparently were introduced by the copy equipment. (Vicinity of "617").

The images, in the Nagell version, have been stretched horizontally and so that "copy" no longer retains the same "aspect ratio". Older style facsimile machines which used a rolled paper stock were notorious for stretching the images transmitted.


Pictured: Communist assassins receiving their orders (L) from the Kremlin (R).


There are numerous places where there is a pattern of dots in exactly the same alignment as the circles on Oswald's version.

Several of the "random" marks on the Nagell copy are coincidentally in the same location as text items we theorize are elements of the "fake postage stamps".

There is a mark in the "coloring" on Oswald's left shoulder that seems to be a perfect match for a "continuation" of the circle marked in blue.

Elements of the Nagell Copy that are disrupted coincidentally coincide with heavily "disrupted" areas on the Oswald version.


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9 hours ago, Chris Newton said:



There is a mark in the "coloring" on Oswald's left shoulder that seems to be a perfect match for a "continuation" of the circle marked in blue.

If you are referring to the mark at the top of the shoulder, I don't believe that it is part of the circled colored blue. Because on the original 1173 that mark cannot be seen.

If you are referring to the mark at the bottom of the photo, in the white semicircle area, on Oswald's chest, I don't believe that is part of the circled colored blue. Rather, I believe it is part of the Russian security stamp that I believe we can see on the photo.

(Don't get discouraged... I will be agreeing with on another part soon.)


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9 hours ago, Chris Newton said:


Elements of the Nagell Copy that are disrupted coincidentally coincide with heavily "disrupted" areas on the Oswald version.


I agree.

One thing I find a bit odd is regarding the squarish "smudge" near the bottom-right corner of Oswalds original 1173. I'm not sure if it doesn't show up at all on Nagell's copy, or if it has been greatly cleaned up on Nagell's copy.

One possibility, I suppose, is that the original card got that smudge while in the custody of the DPD or FBI.


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9 hours ago, Chris Newton said:



There are numerous places where there is a pattern of dots in exactly the same alignment as the circles on Oswald's version.

Several of the "random" marks on the Nagell copy are coincidentally in the same location as text items we theorize are elements of the "fake postage stamps".

There are so many randomly placed marks on Nagell's copy  that IMO some are going to be located on the stamped circle and text.

Following are the more convincing marks IMO, with #1 being the most convincing:

  1. The "O" on "OCT" has a mark that extends from where the "O" intersects the horizontal line... on the right side of the "O." it is at the correct angle to match the "O" and, if you zoom in, it even has the correct curvature. IMO this is the most compelling coincidence.
  2. The confluence of 1) the bottom of the "63" in "1963" and 2) the circle colored blue, forms a heavy vertical line that appears on Nagell's copy.
  3. The lowest part of the circle colored red does seem to have a number dots that follow it's shape, and those dots are not in areas where there are a bunch of dots. The same can be said of a short segment of the circle colored yellow.
  4. The mark on the curved portion of the "2." It is more convincing because it is long and is at the same angle. On the other hand, it lacks the curvature at the top of the line where it belongs to match the "2." (And it has a curvature where it does not belong.)

Now, here is my problem with accepting these as having come from Oswald's card after he stamped it: Most of these "more convincing" marks are in locations that could have easily been completely erased. And yet they weren't.

And yet, on the other hand, I've studied and found that in areas where it would have been difficult for Nagell (or whoever) to erase the stampings, I see on Nagell's copy signs of disruptions in the text printed on the card.

On the whole, therefore, I have to conclude that someone did indeed work to remove the stamp marks from Nagell's copy of the card.


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My guess is that Nagell was unhappy with the way Oswald tried to hide the white semicircle and old Russian Stamp on the photo, and so he undid Oswald's work and then used artist's pencils to show how he would do it. Which was by drawing in a suit coat that covered the white semicircle and Russian stamp.


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Vintage 3-D Photos of LHO and Friends.

“Lee Harvey Oswald” anagrams to: “LHO SWAY REVEALED”

In the months leading up to the assassination, it appears to many that Lee Harvey Oswald was impersonated. Another way of saying this is, in the months leading up to the assassination there were “stereo Lee Oswalds” (or "3D Lees"). 

“ICO” stands for “Igor, Case, and, Oswald”, and it’s my hypothesis that ICO created four sets of 3D stereo images as part of their huge puzzle system intended to mess up the framing of Lee Oswald by Banister/Phillips/Hoover/Dulles/et al.

Below are the 3 extant Backyard Photos (I think there were originally 4) and I have made the argument elsewhere that the three extant photos were shot from almost exactly the same spot in Oswald’s back yard. All of them shot within 3 or 4 inches of each other, as if they had been taken with Lee Oswald’s “Stereo Realist” camera (which was rotated 88 degrees and mounted on a tripod). 


                    CE 133A                               CE 133B                              133C


Stereo Realist camera

I think there were originally four sets of photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald in stereo 3D. Two of those sets were the four original Backyard Photos. But I think the mate to CE 133B went missing, and we are left with one of the original 3D sets, CE 133A and 133C below. One can see deeply down the side of the house. The stairs are practically in one’s face. And Oswald’s 3D head is thrust toward the viewer (We are apparently seeing the body of Wesley Frazier with Lee Oswald’s head attached, and the chin is that of JFK, but I’ll make this argument elsewhere). 


The intended way to view ICO’s 3D photos, I believe, is with an old-fashioned Stereoscope:

For optimum viewing with a Stereoscope, the two images should be about 3 inches apart, that is, Oswald’s nose in the left photo should be about 3 inches from his nose in the right photo. Without a card in the card holder on the Stereoscope, one might be able to view the stereo images directly on one’s monitor - I can. By bringing the stick that carries the card holder close to the monitor, some of you may be able to focus your eyes well. If not, you’ll either have to cut off the stick (bad idea), or print out a 7 inch wide copy of the photo pair and put it in your card holder. Once you start asking around, you’ll probably find that many of your friends and relatives have a nice vintage Stereoscope in their closet. The cardboard ones you can buy on line for $3.95 are junk. 

I don’t know how they will show up on your monitor, but once again, do what ever you need to do to comply with the 3 inch requirement. If you find you are having sizing problems, drop the photo pairs on a page of Microsoft Word or Pages and you can resize easily. 

The only change I made to the 3D pair of photos above was to rotate them 88 degrees. There are puzzle instructions that tell one to do this, and I will make this lengthy puzzle argument elsewhere. My reading of the puzzle information indicates that one should remove the 12 degrees of keystone from the two images (Notice that in the three extant photos above, only CE 133A and 133C display the photographic keystone effect while CE 133B does not).

Below are CE 133A and 133C with the 12 degrees of keystone removed. I can't see any real difference in 3D quality between the two pairs of rotated Backyard Photos I have presented here. 


Below are the three extant sets of 3D photos created by ICO, and incidentally, all three sets have a connection to the ubiquitous pair of letters, "MC".

The top two are the "Mexico City" visa application photographs.

The middle pair of images are "Marine Corps" photos.

The bottom set display the "Mannlicher Carcano" rifle, a major part of the Oswald frame. 


The top set of photos are part of the Mexico City mystery and they are not an ideal 3D pair because the quality of the extant photos is very poor. There were apparently 4 Mexico City photos in all, two used on the Visa application, and two found with Oswald’s possessions. Below are all four, with the Visa pair on the top, and the Oswald-possessions photos below:


With a little study, it should become obvious that the two left photos are exactly the same, and the two right photos are exactly the same. That this could happen in a commercial Photo-booth strains credibility. Below are the top two photos overlaid by the bottom two photos at 50% opacity.


Earlier I demonstrated the 3D in the Mexico City set, but I actually used the pair found in Oswald's possessions because the quality was a little better, but not by much. Below is the actual (very poor quality) Mexico City set:


I intentionally reversed the top set of images. In spite of the poor quality, you should perceive the 3D effect in the lower set only. In addition to poor quality, there is no background material to give a stunning 3D effect like in the Backyard Photos. The nose and chin areas of the lower set of pictures above is where you will see the 3D. It might take some practice. 


On the left above is the card that is the topic of this thread, Lee Oswald's questionable DD Form 1173. On the right is the phony Alek James Hidell Selective Service card that was also supposedly found on Oswald's person. It has been assumed that the two photos are identical but they are not, because they are a 3D matched set that were, I submit, created by Oswald and his ICO group. 

For comparison purposes I have purposely once again reversed the two top photos. They are not a 3D set, but the bottom pair are. Once again there is no background to create the stunning 3D effect seen in the Backyard Photos, and once again, the 3D effect is most noticeable in the nose and chin area of the lower pair. 


Beg, borrow, or steal, a Stereoscope. I think you’ll be both surprised and puzzled.




Edited by Tom Hume
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On 9/15/2017 at 8:16 AM, Sandy Larsen said:



David Josephs posted this in the Harvey & Lee thread. Look at the immunization document at the very bottom. Oswald used this document to get into Mexico without having to be immunized. Note the Dr. A.J. Hideel stamp and signature. (LOL) Clearly an Oswald forgery.

The part of this relevant to this thread is that official looking stamp to the right of Dr. Hideel's signature. It consists of a very large circle, and it looks like a small portion of a smaller circle. It has a date in English, but the text at the top-right and bottom-left appears to be from a Russian stamp. If you zoom in you can see a double-stamped "NAO" on the bottom, where the "N" is in reverse. And you can see "UR8" at the top, where the "R" is in reverse. Oh wait... while both the reversed letters are part of the Russian alphabet, and most the other letters are as well, there is no "U" in the Russian alphabet. So those stamps must be REVERSED English ones! Where could someone buy a reverse English stamp back then? (Apparently you can buy such a stamp now. See this.)

Unlike the text stamped on Oswald's military ID, the text stamped here is curved. Though it doesn't match the curvature of the circle. So I guess that each letter was stamped individually.

Anyway, the stamping here makes it look more likely that Oswald did do the silly stamping on the military ID card. And maybe it wasn't silly after all.

But if it was serious work, who did Oswald expect to fool? Certainly not any guard on a military base. And why didn't he just use a current photo of himself so he wouldn't need to hide the prior security stamp on the photo he did use?

I wonder if he and Nagell were simply practicing some CIA spycraft. Oswald did it with stamps, Nagell did it with artist's pencils.


So this becomes the ONLY example of Oswald signing the name  A J HIDELL/HIDEEL




Sandy... the HIDEEL Vaccination card not only helps him by pass his way back into the US without having to do the who ID/Vaccination thing... 


"the purchased must present his birth certificate on obtaining this tourist card or vaccination cert"

Vaccination Card

This is June 8 on the Vaccination card followed by Sept 17-26, 1963 on the Tourist Visa....






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