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VMI Seminar Sept. 2nd

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This Saturday at Virginia Military Institute, at 7 PM, at Gillis Theater part of Marshall Hall, there will take place what promises to be an interesting seminar on the JFK case.

The schedule is to have:

1. Bill Davy, author of that fine book, Let Justice Be Done,

2. John Newman author of JFK and Vietnam and also Oswald and the CIA speaking live.  

3. Then I will join via Skype.

Three good speakers and at a very cheap price. If you are not a faculty member or student, its only ten bucks.  That is a pretty good agenda for that price.  And its in a very nice ampitheater setting.  So for anyone who lives in that area, which would encompass Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, it will be well worth your time. 

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