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How the Atlantic Monthly and Kurt Andersen went Haywire

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The current cover story in Atlantic Monthly is pure intellectual BS.  One of the worst of its kind.

It tries to explain the election of Trump by use with the JFK assassination,  Flying Saucers and New Age shops.  What utter bunk.

Anyway, I decided to reply with a more historical backdrop:



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My favorite part of the essay, because so few people know these two facts about Ford. Which show what a lying hypocrite he was.

Therefore the Rockefeller Commission, led by Ford’s Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, arose. But this body was perceived by many, even the New York Times, as being a set-up. After all, Warren Commission lawyer David Belin was the chief counsel, and people like Ronald Reagan were on the Commission. Therefore, at a closed press briefing, Ford was asked why he had arranged things as he did. He replied that there were certain things that had to be concealed from the public. When asked what he meant by that, Ford blurted out, “Like assassinations.” (See James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, The Assassinations, p. 194) Ford is very likely talking about the JFK case since, at around this same time, he revealed to French Premier Giscard d’Estaing that, while on the Warren Commission, he had determined that some kind of organization had killed Kennedy, but he could not determine which one.



This also shows that the WCR was a minority report.  Four Commissioners  believed it was wrong: Russell, Cooper, Boggs, and Ford. 

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