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Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

Paul Trejo

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JFK documents could show the truth about a diplomat's death 47 years ago

Family of Charles Thomas are pleading with Trump to release papers they say show his 1971 suicide stemmed from officials wanting to shut down effort to reopen JFK investigation

Philip Shenon, Sun 22 Apr 2018 07.00 EDT Last modified on Sun 22 Apr 2018 07.23 EDT

Charles Thomas was a rising star at the state department in the early 1960s, a career diplomat who had served across Latin America and Africa. His colleagues were convinced he would earn the rank of ambassador. They agreed that the tall, jut-jawed, preppy, handsome Thomas – described by colleagues as “the diplomat from central casting” – adored his wife Cynthia and two young daughters.

But then something went horribly wrong. In 1971, at the age of 48, Thomas killed himself.

The death certificate showed that on Monday 12 April, at about 4pm and in the second-floor bathroom of his family’s rented home on the banks of the Potomac river in Washington, Thomas lifted a gun to his head. Cynthia, downstairs, thought the boiler had exploded.

The reasons for the suicide were not a complete mystery. Thomas had been despondent after he had been denied a promotion two years earlier and forced out of the state department. In the 1960s, the department had an up-or-out policy – diplomats were either promoted or they were “selected out”, to use the department’s Orwellian term.

For Cynthia and the rest of the family, the nightmare was compounded months later by a terrible discovery – Thomas had been “selected out” in error. A clerical mistake had apparently cost him his cherished, 18-year career.

According to the department, Thomas was denied a promotion because part of his personnel records, including a glowing job evaluation from the embassy in Mexico, had been accidentally misfiled. The family received a formal written apology, signed by Gerald Ford. Congressional outrage led the state department to overhaul its promotion system.

But now, four decades later, Thomas’s widow and others say they are convinced they are still being denied the full truth about what put Thomas on a path to killing himself. In that cause, they are pleading with Donald Trump to release classified documents from the National Archives.

The documents are long-secret government files about – of all things – the assassination of John F Kennedy.

The Thomas family acknowledges that their’s is a bizarre and complicated story. But they are convinced – with good reason, given what they have discovered – that if Thomas’s personnel records were misfiled it was intentional, and that it was never the real reason for his firing.

They are certain that Thomas lost his career – and ultimately his will to live – because senior officials were determined to shut down his persistent, unwelcome and ultimately fruitless effort to reopen an investigation of JFK’s murder.

There is a long paper trail. Documents released to the public show that during a posting in Mexico in the mid-1960s, Thomas came across evidence that showed Lee Harvey Oswald – who visited Mexico City in September 1963, weeks before killing Kennedy – had been in contact there with Cuban diplomats and spies who wanted JFK dead and might have offered help and encouragement.

In internal memos not made public until years after his death, Thomas told supervisors such information from Mexico could undermine the findings of the presidential panel that determined in 1964 that Oswald acted alone. In one memo, Thomas warned that the Mexico information “threatened to reopen the debate about the true nature of the Kennedy assassination and damage the credibility of the Warren Report”.

For historians, Oswald’s trip to Mexico has never been adequately explained. Available records shows that the CIA and FBI knew much more about it – and the threat Oswald posed – than they ever shared with the Warren Commission. The agencies appear to have withheld evidence out of fear they might be blamed for bungling intelligence that could have saved Kennedy’s life.

Oswald, a Marine Corps veteran and self-declared Marxist who had once tried to defect to the Soviet Union, met in Mexico with Cuban and Soviet diplomats and spies and, according to a long-secret FBI report, talked openly about his plan to kill Kennedy.

Given Trump’s deadline next week – a deadline he set himself – to release thousands of still-classified documents related to the assassination held by the National Archives, the Thomas family says questions about their family tragedy are urgent once again.

Many of those documents are known to have come out of the files of the CIA station in Mexico at about the time of Oswald’s visit, which suggests they could bolster Thomas’s suspicions about what happened there.

In an interview, Thomas’s youngest daughter, Zelda Thomas-Curti, a Minneapolis business consultant who was born in Mexico, described her father as “one of America’s most important – if mostly unrecognized – 20th-century government whistleblowers”.

On behalf of her family, including her own three children, Thomas-Curti said she had written to Trump, to ask him to do justice to her father’s memory by releasing all remaining JFK files.

“Washington overpowered my father like a steam shovel, tossing him into a heap like discarded dirt,” she wrote. “But he was a hero who was out there fighting for the truth.” She told Trump that she wanted “my three children to know that their grandfather was a real-life hero”.

Thomas’s widow, Cynthia, who went on to her own career in the state department and now lives in Minnesota, said the family deserved to see all the JFK documents. “My grandchildren are entitled to know the truth about Charles,” she said.

In 1992, Congress passed the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. Lawmakers hoped it would damp down raging conspiracy theories created by the release of Oliver Stone’s conspiracy-laden film, JFK, the year before.

The law called for release of all assassination-related documents. As a result, millions of pages were made public in the 1990s. Several thousand other documents, initially held back because of national security concerns, were supposed to have been released last October, the 25th anniversary of the law’s passage.

But Trump delayed the release for another six months, citing security concerns raised by the CIA and FBI. The new deadline is 26 April.

The White House has given no clue about whether the president will now allow the full library of documents to be made public. But Trump, who is no stranger to conspiracy theories, including about the Kennedy assassination, has vowed transparency. “The American public expects – and deserves – its government to provide as much access as possible” to the JFK records, he said last year.

The exact number of assassination-related documents still held is in question, since there is no definitive public inventory. A research group, the Mary Ferrell Foundation, said last month its tally showed more than 21,890 documents were still being withheld in full or in part.

The National Archives has produced a bare-bones index, which shows that many of the documents are drawn from the CIA station in Mexico City. For Thomas’s family, as well as for many JFK historians, that suggests those documents may refer to surveillance of Oswald and his contacts in Mexico.

Previously declassified files show that CIA officers in Mexico conducted close surveillance of Oswald as he apparently sought a visa to defect to Havana. The files show that he visited both the Cuban and Soviet embassies and that he may have had a brief affair with a Mexican woman who worked in the Cuban consulate.

In a once-classified 2013 internal CIA report, the agency’s chief historian concluded that the CIA had conducted a “benign cover-up” to withhold “incendiary” information. The cover-up, the report said, was intended to keep the commission focused on “what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth’ – that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy”.

In a memo written in 1969, in his final days at the department, Thomas made a last plea that someone go back to Mexico. Though he made no allegation that Fidel Castro had any personal role in any plot to kill Kennedy, Thomas wanted the US to investigate whether the Warren Commission had missed evidence of a conspiracy in JFK’s death between Oswald and Cubans loyal to the Castro regime.

“Since I was the embassy officer who acquired this intelligence information,” Thomas wrote, “I feel a responsibility for seeing it through to its final evaluation.”

The memo outlined a story that Thomas first heard in 1965 from a friend – Elena Garro de Paz, a prominent Mexican writer whose husband, Octavio Paz, later won the Nobel Prize for literature. Garro said she had encountered Oswald at a family dance party in Mexico City in the fall of 1963 that was attended by Cuban diplomats and Mexican leftists who supported the Castro revolution. According to Garro, people at the party had spoken openly of their hope that Kennedy would be killed.

According to Garro, who died in 1998, Oswald was invited to the party by her cousin Silvia Duran, a vivacious young woman who worked at the Cuban consulate. Garro told Thomas she was certain Oswald and Duran had a brief affair.

In the years since Thomas’s paperwork was made public, Duran, who is still alive, has insisted that she did not have an affair with Oswald and only met him inside the Cuban consulate. But other Mexicans, including members of Duran’s extended family, have disputed her account. A Mexican journalist recalled seeing Oswald at a separate reception, at the Cuban embassy

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New Group of JFK Assassination Documents Available to the Public
Press Release ·Thursday, April 26, 2018


In accordance with President Trump’s direction on October 26, 2017, the National Archives today posted 19,045 documents subject to the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (JFK Act).   Released documents are available for download.  The versions released today were processed by agencies in accordance with the President’s direction that agency heads be extremely circumspect in recommending any further postponement.  

The John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, established by the National Archives in November 1992, consists of approximately five million pages.  The vast majority of the collection has been publicly available without any restrictions since the late 1990s.  As permitted by the JFK Act, agencies appealed to the President to continue postponement of certain information beyond October 26, 2017.  The President provided agencies with a temporary certification until April 26, 2018 to allow for a re-review of all documents withheld in full or in part under section 5 of the JFK Act and directed agencies to “identify as much as possible that may be publicly disclosed” and to be “extremely circumspect in recommending any further postponement.”

Based on reviews conducted by agencies in accordance with the President’s direction, the National Archives released 3,539 documents on Dec. 15, 10,744 documents on Nov. 17, 13,213 documents on Nov. 9, and 676 documents on Nov. 3 of last year.  The 19,045 documents released today represent the final release of documents in accordance with the President’s direction on October 26, 2017.

All documents subject to section 5 of the JFK Act have been released in full or in part.  No documents subject to section 5 of the JFK Act remain withheld in full.  The President has determined that all information that remains withheld under section 5 must be reviewed again before October 26, 2021 to determine whether continued withholding from disclosure is necessary. 


Online Resources:
The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
Documenting the Death of a President
JFK Assassination Records Review Board
The work of the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
JFK Assassination Records FAQs
Warren Commission Report

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Enemies of the State: The Radical Right in America from FDR to Trump


The rise of the alt-right alongside Donald Trump’s candidacy may be seem unprecedented events in the history of the United States, but D. J. Mulloy shows us that the radical right has been a long and active part of American politics during the twentieth century. From the German-American Bund to the modern militia movement, D. J. Mulloy provides a guide for anyone interested in examining the roots of the radical right in the U.S.—in all its many varied forms—going back to the days of the Great Depression, the New Deal and the extraordinary political achievements of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Enemies of the State offers an informative and highly readable introduction to some of the key developments and events of recent American history including: the fear of the Communist subversion of American society in the aftermath of the Second World War; the rise of the civil rights movement and the “white backlash” this elicited; the apparent decline of liberalism and the ascendancy of conservatism during the economic malaise of the 1970s; Ronald Reagan’s triumphant presidential victory in 1980; and the Great Recession of 2007-08 and subsequent election of President Obama



Political Extremism & Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S., Europe, and Australia combines content on far-right and fascist movements, alongside significant coverage of radical left groups, allowing researchers to access material from both sides, and providing points for comparison.  By providing primary source material from both sides in one comprehensive, meticulously indexed resource, Gale makes it possible for researchers to make connections not previously discoverable. Researchers in contemporary topics will also find value in the content, allowing them to explore the origins and development of present-day issues, including the resurgence of right-wing politics, evolution of various civil rights movements and the nature of extreme or radical political thought.


As one of the first digital archives on far-right and far-left political groups, Political Extremism & Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S., Europe, and Australiacontains over 600,000 pages of content and 42 oral histories making it the most extensive resource of its kind.  Political Extremism & Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S., Europe, and Australia offers researchers a diverse range of content, including campaign materials, propaganda, government records, and various ephemera that when combined with the Gale Primary Sources technology, enable researchers to explore extremism and radicalism in new and innovative ways. 

A deeper look at the sub-collections:

Since 1970, the American Radicalism Collection at Michigan State University has been collecting ephemera on radical political groups, across a range of extremist movements including those involved in religion, race, gender, the environment, and equal rights. The collection covers four general categories , each with a different focus: leftist politics and anti-war movements; religion and the radical right; race, gender and equal rights; and social, economic and environmental movements. The collection also includes materials on such topics as survivalism, Holocaust denial, creationism, and anti-Catholicism from groups like John Birch Society and the Black Panther Party. 

The Hall-Hoag Collection of Dissenting and Extremist Printed Propaganda, from Brown University, includes printed propaganda from US anti-integrationist, anti-Semitic and racist groups from the post-World War II period to the present. The collection began when Gordon Hall, a young veteran of the Pacific Theatre during the war, first encountered the printed propaganda issued by domestic hate-your-neighbor organizations/groups in the late 1940's. Includes publications of Anti-Abortion organizations; Anti-Integrationist organizations; Anti-Semitic and Racist political parties; Christian Identity organizations; Communist organizations;  Congressional investigating committees; Cults and Alternative religions; Extreme Left-Wing publishers; Ku Klux Klan organizations; LaRouche organizations; Militant Anti-Communist organizations; Militant Populist organizations; Neo-Nazi organizations; Pacifist organizations; Racial and Ethnic Consciousness organizations; Right-Wing Christian religious organizations; and Right-Wing publishers. 

The Searchlight Archive, held at the University of Northampton in the UK, consists of documents from Searchlight Associates, an information service founded in 1967 that aimed to expose racist and fascist groups. In 1975 it launched a magazine, Searchlight, intended to promote intelligence on the far-right from around the world. This archive includes oral histories from activists who acted as undercover informants on far-right organisations or members of anti-fascist groups.  The interviews are available within the platform both as audio recordings as well as searchable transcripts. This archive also includes various ephemera including booklets, leaflets and posters.

Working with the National Archives in the UK, Gale has digitized government documents relating to inter- and post-war British extremist movements. These include Security Service personal files on right-wing extremists, suspected communists and terrorists as well as Home Office papers on detainees, such as Oswald Mosley, who were related to far-right groups including the British Union of Fascists, British National Party, Imperial Fascist League, the Nordic League and The Link.

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In January 2018, NARA released a new summary of all the remaining JFK documents that had not (up to that time) been fully released. (However, many were previously released with some redactions and others were released this week).

That January summary totals 791 pages.

The portion which summarizes FBI documents is 229 pages.  Each remaining FBI file number and each serial number is shown along with the total number of pages in each document.

I spent several hours looking up the most commonly-referenced FBI file numbers on the NARA summary and I can now report that:

(1)  There are no documents pertaining to Edwin Walker, Harry Dean, or the John Birch Society.  Nor are there any documents about the primary "plot" characters discussed by Dr. Caufield in his book.  [I searched every applicable FBI HQ and field office file number that might have produced some kind of hit.]

(2)  Many of the remaining documents are in the 92-series of FBI files.  The 92-series refers to "racketeering enterprise investigations".  Apparently, these docs are predominantly about Mob-connected individuals.  For example, one series of documents pertained to John Roselli.

(3)   I focused my attention upon the FBI file numbers which had the most listings -- and, often, they had the most pages too.  The subject of every one of the 104 FBI file numbers I researched was identifiable by searching it online.  Most of the time, the Mary Ferrell website produced a "hit" which identified each file subject.  In other cases, I saw a PDF copy of a document which NARA uploaded during the past year.


IT IS time for Paul to admit there is nothing to substantiate his (or Harry Dean's) "JBS plot" supposition.


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44 minutes ago, Ernie Lazar said:

There are no documents pertaining to Edwin Walker, Harry Dean, or the John Birch Society.

Why would there be?

The NARA has been trained by a CIA-centric conspiracy community to concentrate on Cubans, the mafia, and the CIA.   Walker and the radical right are mostly off their radar because the thundering roar of the herd is demanding evidence to support their CIA theory as posited by Garrison 50+ years ago.

The NARA releases are only what the government itself has designated as Kennedy-related.  So, thanks to prominent CT theories, we get a boatload of stuff about the mafia, irrelevant Cubans, and other CIA adventures - most everything else is still hidden or worse - destroyed.

{BTW - your point is not quite true.  There are documents in the new releases discussing the Minutemen and Edwin Walker.}



Edited by Jason Ward
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33 minutes ago, Ernie Lazar said:

(1)  There are no documents pertaining to Edwin Walker, Harry Dean, or the John Birch Society. 

Edwin Walker is the leader of the Dallas Minutemen, and this is one of several references in the new release from CIs who assert they were involved in the assassination:





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I wonder if Jason Ward could substantiate his claim that the lack of documents on Dallas radical right, Walker, Minutemen, JBS etc is the fault of the assassination researchers who ‘train’ NARA as to what they want to see. I don’t know anyone researching JFK who is not interested in ALL relevant material. 

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2 hours ago, Jason Ward said:

Why would there be?

The NARA has been trained by a CIA-centric conspiracy community to concentrate on Cubans, the mafia, and the CIA.   Walker and the radical right are mostly off their radar because the thundering roar of the herd is demanding evidence to support their CIA theory as posited by Garrison 50+ years ago.

The NARA releases are only what the government itself has designated as Kennedy-related.  So, thanks to prominent CT theories, we get a boatload of stuff about the mafia, irrelevant Cubans, and other CIA adventures - most everything else is still hidden or worse - destroyed.

{BTW - your point is not quite true.  There are documents in the new releases discussing the Minutemen and Edwin Walker.}



The short answer to your question is simply that Paul Trejo has declared for years that there were FBI documents which would confirm Paul's "theory" about a "JBS plot" and those documents would be released by NARA during 2017 or 2018.

Your statement seems to be:  The absence of evidence amounts to "proof" of whatever "conspiracy" you might wish to allege.

I have predicted for at least two years that the ultimate argument by Paul Trejo (and his allies) would be precisely what you now claim, i.e. that the incriminating documentary evidence will be hidden, destroyed, or withheld.  That is ALWAYS the intellectual escape hatch used by conspiracy adherents--rather than acknowledge fundamental error.  That is also why conspiracy arguments are impossible to falsify -- because normal rules of evidence and logic are cheerfully discarded!

With respect to MM and Walker documents --- they do NOT provide evidence about any "JBS plot" -- which has always been the essence of Paul Trejo's and Harry Dean's argument.  Of course there are JFK-related documents which include references to MM and/or Walker.  They have been publicly available for decades.  I have many of them in my copy of the FBI HQ main file on the assassination, (i.e. HQ 62-109060) and most of those documents are online on Mary Ferrell's website.

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10 minutes ago, Ernie Lazar said:


Your statement seems to be:  The absence of evidence amounts to "proof" of whatever "conspiracy" you might wish to allege.


I remember now why I had you blocked.  You're rude and putting words into my mouth I never said.  I have never tried to sell anyone a CT.  Goodbye.

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2 hours ago, Jason Ward said:

Edwin Walker is the leader of the Dallas Minutemen, and this is one of several references in the new release from CIs who assert they were involved in the assassination:





Well, Jason, the problem with your "example" is epistemological i.e. what methods do we use to discover, recognize, and interpret factual evidence and give it proper weight and how do we separate fact from fiction?  Not all data we confront has equal value or credibility.

There are HUNDREDS of examples of JFK-related assertions and beliefs which FBI documents memorialize but when those assertions and beliefs were investigated, they evaporated into the ether and amounted to nothing more than hearsay, gossip, rumor, or wild exaggerations or mis-interpretations.

Nobody involved in this discussion has ever disputed that there are numerous documents which mention what somebody "felt" or what somebody "thought" or what somebody "claimed" or what somebody "believed".   If I had $1 for every JFK-related bit of information summarized in FBI documents that turned out to be utterly false, I would be a very wealthy person.  

But those things are not (and can never be) equal to clear and convincing evidence or proof.


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5 minutes ago, Jason Ward said:

I remember now why I had you blocked.  You're rude and putting words into my mouth I never said.  I have never tried to sell anyone a CT.  Goodbye.

Seemed like an obvious conclusion from what you wrote.  How, otherwise, could ANYBODY reach an acceptable conclusion if someone can always claim that there is some kind of evidence which is being withheld or suppressed because (as you put it) "...most everything else is still hidden or worse - destroyed." ??

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Figured Jason wouldn't answer my question. Must have me blocked too. Many here seem to like this blocking mechanism. I think it's ridiculous. 

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3 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

I wonder if Jason Ward could substantiate his claim that the lack of documents on Dallas radical right, Walker, Minutemen, JBS etc is the fault of the assassination researchers who ‘train’ NARA as to what they want to see. I don’t know anyone researching JFK who is not interested in ALL relevant material. 

Most political conspiracy theories are constructed to be non-falsifiable -- which means that they are not really theories. 

In a way, this is reminiscent of how registrars in southern states determined which African Americans would be eligible to vote.  Normally, those registrars required black citizens to answer questions which 99.999% of white Americans could not answer. 

Example:  in Alabama, there was a list of 68 potential questions used by registrars.   Here are three of them:

(1) Of the original 13 states, the one with the largest representation in the first Congress was___________?

(2) The Constitution limits the size of the District of Columbia to___________?

(3)  The only laws which can be passed to apply to an area in a federal arsenal are those passed by _______ provided consent for the purchase of the land is made by ________?

So....when registrars rejected African-Americans, they could claim that they were not eligible voters because they could not pass the required test.  As these examples show (however) the test was constructed to make it impossible to be successful !

Similarly, conspiracy theories are constructed to prevent anybody from ever successfully falsifying them.

It is indisputable (in my opinion) that scholars and investigative journalists have not spent as much time researching the history of the radical right in our country as that subject warrants.  But there are some obvious reasons for that deficiency.  To cite merely one example:  many radical right organizations (such as the Birch Society) do NOT allow outside independent researchers to have access to their archives for historical research.

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  • 5 weeks later...

For those who are interested, I have recently revised and expanded my "Right-Wing Archives" webpage at the following link:


I was able to find a lot of new listings that pertain to individuals and organizations discussed in Dr. Caufield's book.  The webpage (link above) includes annotated notes at the bottom for some of the more significant listings and there is also a PDF version at the bottom of the webpage.

In addition, a friend of mine (Archie Henderson) is currently reviewing the last volume of his 3000-page publication entitled:  "Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right: A Guide To Archives" (4 volumes) -- and it is scheduled to be published soon.  There is a link below which describes his work.

ACLU Records on Right Wing Groups-Princeton Univ.

ACLU-North California Records-California Historical Society

Lee J. Adamson Papers-Univ. of Oregon

ADL John Birch Society Collection-Center For Jewish History

Spiro T. Agnew Papers-Univ. of Maryland

James Aho Collection on Right-Wing Extremism-Idaho State Univ.

Alabama Commission to Preserve Peace Papers-AL Dept of Archives and History

Alert America Association Flyers-Duke Univ.

Ruth Alexander Papers-Univ. of Wyoming

Bruce Alger Papers-Dallas Public Library

All American Conference to Combat Communism-Univ of KS

Marilyn R. Allen Papers-Univ of Utah

America First Committee Records-Stanford Univ.

American Conservative Union Records-Brigham Young Univ.

American Conservative Union Records-Brigham Young Univ.

American Conservatism-An Encyclopedia

American Council Christian Laymen Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

American Defense Society Records-New York Historical Society

American Family Association-Univ. of Mississippi

American Independent Party Papers-Univ of Louisville

American Jewish Committee Records-American Jewish Archives

American Jewish Committee Records-Center For Jewish History

American Nazi Party in San Francisco, I - SF Bay Area TV Archive

American Reactionary Political Ephemera-Univ. of Chicago

American Spectator Educational Foundation Records-Stanford Univ.

Americans For Constitutional Action Records-Wisconsin Historical Society

Americans for the Preservation of the White Race-Univ of MS

Ulius L. Amoss Papers-Univ of Oregon

Tom Anderson Letters--Library of Congress

Tom Anderson Papers--Univ of Wyoming

Tom Anderson Papers-JBS-Texas A&M Univ

Tom Anderson Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

T. Coleman Andrews Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

Anti-Abortion Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic Printed Material-Brown Univ.

Anti-Communism Manuscripts-Univ. of Montana

Anti-Communist Movement Collection-Univ of West FL

Anti-Communist Printed Material-Brown University

Anti-Defamation League of San Diego Collection-San Diego State University

Anti-Fluoridation Movement-Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst

Anti-Integration Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Anti-Semitic Pamphlets-Library of Congress

Anti-Semitic, Anti- Black Literature-Brown Univ.

Anti-Semitism Collection-American Jewish Archives

Anti-Semitism Collection-Yeshiva Univ.

Antisemitic Literature Collection-Brandeis Univ.

Archive of Conservative Video Broadcasting-Univ. of California-Berkeley

Austin J. App Papers-Univ of Wyoming

George W. Armstrong Papers-Univ of TX-Arlington

Association of Citizens Councils of MS-Duke Univ.

Australian League of Rights Collection - Univ. of New England

Karl Baarslag Papers-New York Univ.

Karl Baarslag Papers-Stanford Univ.

Elizabeth N. Baker Propaganda Collection-Swarthmore College

James D. Bales Papers-Abilene Christian Univ.

James D. Bales Papers-Univ. of Arkansas

Bryton Barron Papers-Univ of Oregon

Hugh Joseph Beard Papers-Univ. of North Carolina-Charlotte

John O. Beaty Papers-Univ of Oregon

Daniel Bell Papers-Harvard Univ.

George S. Benson Archive-Harding Univ.

George S. Benson Papers-Abilene Christian Univ.

Bible Presbyterian Church Records-PCA Historical Center

John W. Biggert Papers-Duke Univ.

Harry and Gretchen Billings Papers on XR-Montana State Univ.

John Robert Bishop Papers-AmNaziParty-Augustana College

Aldrich Blake Collection-Ohio State Univ.

Kenneth Bradley Collection-Wichita State Library

Thomas Brady Sr., Collection of Conservative Materials-Univ. of Oregon

Boris Brasol Papers-Library of Congress

Michael Braver Collection-Americanist Material-UCLA

Emily Brookes Reference Files on Political Extremism--Temple Univ.

Frank Brophy Papers--AZ Historical Society

Lyle H. Brothers Papers-Univ of Wyoming

Lyle H. Brothers Papers-Univ. of Montana

Elizabeth Churchill Brown Papers-Stanford Univ

J. Allen Broyles Papers--JBS--Boston Univ. School of Theology

William F. Buckley Firing Line-Univ of Texas-Austin

William F. Buckley Jr, Papers-Yale Univ.

Louis F. Budenz Papers-Providence College

James Burnham Papers-Stanford Univ.

Wally Butterworth Papers-Library of Congress

Wally Butterworth Papers-Univ of Oregon

Wally Butterworth Papers-Univ. of Oregon

California Reich Documentary-You Tube

California Un-American Activities Committees Records-California State Archives

Dan T. Carter Research Files-Emory Univ.

Willis Allison Carto references online

Willis Allison Carto-Online Library

Center for Libertarian Studies Records-Stanford Univ.

Center for the Study of Popular Culture Records-Hoover Institution

John Chamberlain Papers-Stanford Univ.

William Henry Chamberlin Papers-Providence College

Russell Chandler Papers-Univ. of California-Santa Barbara

Dallas Chase Papers-Boise State Univ.

Anna Chennault Papers - Radcliffe Institute

Chicago Police Dept Red Squad Records--Chicago History Museum

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Collection-Univ. of California-Santa Barbara

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Collection].-Stanford Univ.

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade Recordings-Stanford Univ.

Christian Coalition Videos-YouTube

Christian Identity and Far Right-Wing Politics Collection - Univ of California Santa Barbara

Church League-Wackenhut Corp Papers-Tamiment Library

Frank Church Papers-JBS-Boise State Univ.

John V. Ciceu Papers-JBS-Nevada Historical Society

Circuit Riders Inc. Papers-Univ of Oregon

Circuit Riders, Inc. Papers-Univ of Oregon

Citizens Council Movement-Univ of Southern Mississippi

Citizens Council Radio Forum Collection-Library of Congress

Citizens Councils of America Literature-Univ of Arkansas

Citizens Councils of America-Univ of MS

Citizens for Reagan Records-Stanford Univ.

Citizens for Traditional Values Records-Univ. of Michigan

Citizens Committee for Free Cuba Records-Stanford Univ.

Kit Clardy Papers-Michigan State Univ.

Leon R. Clausen Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

James W. Clise Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

James W. Clise Papers-JBS-Univ. of Oregon

James William Cole Papers-East Carolina Univ.

Kenneth W. Colegrove Papers-Northwestern Univ.

Collection of Material About Prejudices-UCLA

College Republican National Committee Records-Stanford Univ.

Conservative Academics Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Conservative and Libertarian Materials - Politics & Social Activism in Special Collections - Research Guides at University of Oregon Libraries

Conservative Literature-Univ. of California-Davis

Conservative Party of New York Records-State Univ. of New York-Albany

Conservative Viewpoint-Richard Cotten-Stanford Univ.

Conservatism Collection-Ball State Univ.

Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right-4 volumes-Archie Henderson

Consumers Research Inc. Anti-Communism Files-Rutgers Univ.

Bayliss Corbett Papers-Univ of Wyoming

Lawrence V. Cott Papers-Univ of Wyoming

William T. Couch Papers-Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Charles Coughlin Collection-Univ. of Notre Dame

Charles E. Coughlin Sermons and Sunday Radio Addresses-Univ. of Michigan

Charles E. Coughlin-Social Justice newspaper-Providence College

Council for Statehood-Mary Davison papers - University of Miami

Counterattack Research Files-NY University

Counterattack Research Papers-New York Univ.

Counterattack--ABC newsletter

Kent Courtney Papers-Northwest State Univ. of Louisiana

Helen Courtois Papers-Univ of Kansas

Earnest Sevier Cox Papers-Duke Univ.

Calvin F. Craig Papers-KKK-Emory Univ.

Lucille Cardin Crain Papers-Univ of Oregon

Lucille Cardin Crain Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Creationist Movement Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Cult Awareness Network Collection-Univ. of California-Santa Barbara

Cathrine Curtis Papers-NY Public Library

Ida M. Darden Papers-Houston Public Library

Kenneth H. DeCourcy Papers-Stanford Univ.

Byron de la Beckwith Correspondence-Univ of TN

Linda DeLeon Papers-Univ. of Michigan

Pedro A. Del Valle Oral History-Columbia Univ.

Pedro A. Del Valle Papers-Univ of Oregon

Pedro A. Del Valle Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Pedro A. Del Valle-Oral History-Columbia Univ.

Lawrence Dennis Papers-Stanford Univ.

Ralph de Toledano Papers-Boston Univ.

Ralph de Toledano Papers-Stanford Univ.

Sara Diamond Collection-UC Berkeley

Brice P. Disque Papers-Univ of Oregon

Brice P. Disque Papers-Univ of Washington

Michael Donald Papers-KKK-Univ of South Alabama

George A. Dondero Papers-Detroit Public Library

Frank J. Donner Papers on HCUA-Tamiment Library

Frank J. Donner Papers-Yale Univ.

Robert Donner Collection-Abilene Christian Univ.

Slobodan M. Draskovich Papers-Univ of Wyoming

Robert B. Dresser Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

Robert B. Dresser Papers-Stanford Univ.

Eagle Forum Collection-Eagle Forum

Lee Edwards Papers-Stanford Univ.

Ed Ewing Oral History Collection-Alabama Dept of Archives-History

Extreme Right Political Parties Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Extreme Right-Wing Orgs Printed Matter-Brown Univ

Extreme Right-Wing Hate Groups Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Extremist Book Collection-UCLA

Far Right Collection-UC Davis

John Henry Faulk Papers-Univ. of Texas-Austin

FBI Files-Extremist Matters and Civil Unrest-NARA

FBI HQ File on Extremist Informants-NARA

FBI Investigation and Surveillance Records-Marquette Univ.

Bonner Fellers Papers-Stanford Univ.

Bonner Frank Fellers Papers-Stanford Univ.

Elinor Ferry Papers-Harvard Law School

Lewis S. Feuer Papers-Brandeis Univ.

Louis Filler Papers-Univ. of Texas-Austin

John Finnegan Papers-Univ. of Wyoming

Firing Line TV Program-Stanford Univ.

Firing Line TV Program-Stanford Univ.

John T. Flynn Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Mertin B. Folts Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Foundations of American Conservatism and the Religious Right-Univ of Arkansas

Free Market Advocates Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Freedom Forum Records-Pepperdine Univ.

Freemen Institute Records-Univ. of Utah

Amos A. Fries Papers-Univ of Oregon

Ernest B. Furgurson Papers-Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Frank E. Gannett Papers-Cornell Univ.

David A. Garrity Papers-Stanford Univ.

Jo Ann Gasper Papers-Stanford Univ.

Gay and Lesbian Issues Collection-Univ. of Washington

Dr. John George Papers-Univ of Central Oklahoma

Wesley C. George Papers-Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Elmer Gertz Papers-JBS-Northwestern Univ

Benjamin Gitlow Papers-Univ of North Carolina

Barry Goldwater Papers-Arizona State Univ.

Barry Goldwater Papers-Cornell Univ

Goldmark Trial Papers-Washington State Univ

Senator Barry M. Goldwater Personal and Political Pa

David Goostein Papers-Cornell Univ.

Edward M. Greb Papers-Univ of Kansas

Edward M. Greb Papers-Univ of KS

William J. Grede Papers-JBS-Wisc Historical Society

Edward W. Greenfield Papers-Library of Congress

Group Research Inc. Papers-Columbia Univ.

Eugene R. Guild Papers-Boulder CO Public Library

Gwartney Anti-Communist Collection-San Diego State Univ.

Jeffrey K. Hadden Papers-Univ. of California-Santa Barbara

J. Evetts Haley Oral History-Texas Tech Univ.

J. Evetts Haley Papers-Texas Tech Univ.

Rosalind Kress Haley Collection-Eagle Forum

Gordon Hall-Grace Hall Collection-XR-Brown Univ.

Hall-Hoag Extremist Literature Finding Aid-Brandeis Univ.

Garrett Hardin Papers-Univ. of California-Santa Barbara

Jean Hardisty Papers-Radcliffe College

Billy James Hargis Papers-Univ of Arkansas

Billy James Hargis Papers-Univ of Arkansas

Horace Harned Jr. Papers - Mississippi State Univ.

F.A. Harper Papers-Stanford Univ.

Roy Vincent Harris Audiovisual-Univ of Georgia

Roy Vincent Harris Papers-Univ of Georgia

Jeffrey P. Hart Papers-Dartmouth College

Merwin K. Hart Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

Merwin K. Hart Papers-JBS-Univ. of Oregon

Hate Brokers-video-Missouri State Univ.

Hate Groups in Atlanta-Emory Univ.

Hate Groups USA Video-Univ. of Puget Sound

William Randolph Hearst Papers-Univ. of California-Berkeley

A.G. Heinsohn Papers-JBS-Univ of Oregon

Robert B. Helfrich Papers-KKK-Univ of Southern Mississippi

Jesse Helms : Newspaper-Magazine Articles-Univ of NC-Chapel Hill

Jesse Helms Commercials-Univ of Oklahoma

Jesse Helms Press Releases, Statements, Polls-Univ of NC-Chapel Hill

Jesse Helms vs Harvey Gantt-Univ of NC-Chapel Hill

Karl Hess Collection-Arizona State Univ Library

Susan Hill Papers-Duke Univ.

Charles F. Hinkle Collection-Oregon Historical Society

John O. Hjelle Papers-Library of Congress

Clare E. Hoffman Papers-Univ. of Michigan

Ashley Holden Papers-Univ of Oregon

Hollywood Anti-Nazi League Records-UCLA

Frank E. Holman Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Hoover Institution Conservatism Collection-Stanford Univ.

House Committee on Internal Security, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Internal Security Papers-Univ. of Virginia

Human Events Newspaper Records-Brigham Young Univ.

H.L. Hunt-Michigan State Univ.

Walter Huss Papers-Univ of Oregon

B. Edwin Hutchison Papers-Stanford Univ.

James C. Ingebretsen Papers-Library of Congress

James C. Ingebretsen Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Institute for Humane Studies Records-Stanford Univ.

Institute for First Amendment Studies Records-Tufts Univ.

Mildred Jefferson Papers-Radcliffe Institute

Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota Records-MN Historical Society

Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles-Cal State Northridge

Laurie A. Jinkins Papers-Washington State Historical Society

Jim Johnson Papers-Arkansas History Commission

John Birch Society-Anti-Defamation League Collection

John Birch Society Collection-Pasadena Museum of History

John Birch Society Debate-Bedau and Eichart

John Birch Society-Dunn County ND

John Birch Society-FBI files-Internet Archive

John Birch Society Pamphlets-Brown Univ.

John Birch Society Records-Brown Univ.

John Birch Society Records--Brown University

John Birch Society-Related Audio-Visual Recordings-Univ of California-Berkeley

John Birch Society Sound Recordings Collection 1953-1971-Emory Univ.

John Birch Society Videos-YouTube

John Birch Society--UCLA-Mellon collection

Phyllis Johnson Papers-Univ of Kansas

Walter Henry Judd Papers-Stanford Univ.

Gordon W. Kahl Papers-Library of Congress

Kansas Bureau of Investigation Newspaper Clippings-Univ of KS

Verne P. Kaub Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Verne P. Kaub Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Samuel Kellman Papers-Charles E. Coughlin-Library of Congress

Vivian Kellems Papers-Univ. of Connecticut

Vivien Kellems Papers-Univ of Connecticut

Jack Kemp Papers-Library of Congress

Willmoore Kendall Papers-Stanford Univ.

Willmoore Kendall Papers-Stanford Univ.

Stetson Kennedy Collection-NYC Public Library

Tyler Gatewood Kent Papers-Univ of Wyoming

Tyler Gatewood Kent Papers-Yale Univ.

Dorothy Kenyon Papers-Smith College

Howard Eldred Kershner Papers-Univ of Oregon

Kiev Foundation Pamphlet Collection-George Washington Univ.

James J. Kilpatrick Papers--Univ of Virginia

James J. Kilpatrick Papers-Library of Congress

James J. Kilpatrick Papers-Univ of Virginia

Willford Isbel King papers-Univ. of Oregon

Willford Isbell King Papers-Univ of Oregon

Russell Kirk Papers-Central Michigan Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Ball State University

Ku Klux Klan-Realm of California-1921-1947-Cal State Univ. Northridge

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Duke Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Duke Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-East Carolina Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Emory Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection 1920-1929-Southern Illinois Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Michigan State Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Univ. of Mississippi

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Univ. of Mississippi

Ku Klux Klan Collection-Univ. of South Carolina

Ku Klux Klan in Northwest Wisconsin 1915-1950-Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Ku Klux Klan Documents-Michigan State Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Ephemera-Temple Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Flyers-Ball State Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Organizations Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Pamphlets-Library of Congress

Ku Klux Klan Papers-Appalachian State Univ.

Ku Klux Klan Papers-Univ. of California-Berkeley

Ku Klux Klan Records- Indiana Historical Society

Ku Klux Klan Records-Atlanta History Center

Ku Klux Klan Records-Eastern Washington State Historical Society

Ku Klux Klan Records-Univ of NC-Chapel Hill

Ku Klux Klan Videos-YouTube

Ku Klux Klan-Arkansas Studies Institute

Ku Klux Klan-California-Calif State Univ. Northridge

Ku Klux Klan-Original Knights of KKK-Bowling Green State Univ.

Ku Klux Klan-Washington State-Univ. of Washington

Ben Klassen Papers-Univ of Montana

Granville F. Knight Papers=Univ. of Oregon

Harper Knowles California Surveillance Collection-San Francisco State Univ.

Knox Collection of Extremist Literature-Univ of MS

Alfred Kohlberg Papers-Stanford Univ.

Alfred Kohlberg Papers-Stanford Univ.

Irving Kristol Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

KVGO Radio Records-Univ. of Montana

Arthur Bliss Lane Papers-Yale Univ.

Thomas A. Lane Papers-Stanford Univ.

Thomas A. Lane Papers-Stanford Univ.

Victor Lasky Papers-Ashland Univ.

Ira Latimer Papers-Chicago History Museum

Harry H. Laughlin Papers-Truman State Univ.

William LaVarre Papers-Stanford Univ.

Ernie Lazar FBI Files Collection-Finding Aid

Ernie Lazar FBI Files Collection-1 - Internet Archive

Ernie Lazar FBI Files Collection-2 - Internet Archive

J. Bracken Lee Papers-Univ of Utah

Robert LeFevre Papers-Univ of Oregon

Allan Levine Material on Birch Society-American Jewish Archives

Isaac Don Levine Papers-Emory Univ.

Isaac Don Levine Papers-Emory Univ.

Fulton Lewis Jr. Papers-Syracuse Univ.

Marx Lewis Papers-Stanford Univ.

Marvin Liebman Papers-Stanford Univ.

Joseph P. Lightburn Papers-West VA-Regional History Collection

Paul D. Lindstrom Papers-Duke Univ.

Franklin H. Littell Papers-IAD-Temple Univ

Myers G. Lowman Papers-Stanford Univ.

Myers G. Lowman Papers-Stanford Univ.

Sumter Lowry Papers-Univ of South Florida

Eugene Lyons Papers-Stanford Univ.

Eugene Lyons Papers-Univ of Oregon

Bert MacDonald Papers-Huntington Library

Lester Maddox Papers-Atlanta History Center

Lester Maddox Speech-Press Files-Univ of Georgia

MainStream Coalition Papers-Univ. of Kansas

George F. Malone Collection-Anti-Communist and Right Wing-UC Berkeley

Clarence E. Manion Oral History-Columbia Univ.

Clarence E. Manion Oral History-Columbia Univ.

Clarence Manion Papers-Chicago History Museum

Clarence Manion Papers-Univ of Notre Dame

Beatrice P. Marchant Papers-Univ. of Utah

William Martin Religious Right Research-Rice Univ.

Dr. Hatley Norton Mason Papers-Library of Virginia

James N. Mason Collection-Univ of Kansas

Reed Massengill-Portrait of a Racist Collection-Univ. of TN

J.B. Matthews Papers-Duke Univ.

Joseph R. McCarthy Papers-Marquette Univ.

McCarthy Era Newspaper Clippings-Stanford Univ.

Robert R. McCormick Papers-First Division Museum

Wes McCune Papers-Harry S Truman Library

Lawrence Patton McDonald Papers-Emory Univ.

Lawrence P. McDonald-Western Goals-Kennesaw State Univ.

Emmett C. McGaughey Papers-Stanford Univ.

Gale W. McGee Papers-Univ of Wyoming

Halsey McGovern Papers-JBS-Library of Congress

Carl McIntire Collection-Univ of Michigan

Carl McIntire Manuscript Collection-Princeton Theological Seminary

Carl McIntire Publications-Univ. of Michigan

John Stuart McKenzie Papers-Emory Univ.

Francis J. McNamara Papers-George Mason Univ.

Donald R. McNeil Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Margaret Meier Collection on Extreme Right-Stanford Univ

Kenneth J. Merkel Papers-JBS-Wisconsin Historical Society

John C. Metcalfe Papers-Stanford Univ.

Frank S. Meyer Papers-Stanford Univ.

Midwest Research Inc-Michigan State Univ

Minutemen: Rise of the Militia Movement in America, 1963-1969-FBI files 47,854pp

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission Records--MS Dept of Archives

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission-Search-MS Dept of Archives and History

Mark Monday Papers--Minutemen-Stanford Univ

William V. Moore Papers-College of Charleston

Henry M. Morris Papers-Virginia Tech Univ/

Stanley F. Morse Papers-South Caroliniana Library

Sterling Morton Papers-JBS-Chicago History Museum

George Van Horn Moseley Papers-Library of Congress

Hollis Mosher Papers--Brown Univ.

Movements Ephemera Collection-Stony Brook Univ.

Eustace Mullins Papers-Duke Univ.

Eustace Mullins Videos-YouTube

William C. Mullendore Papers-Univ of Oregon

NAM Board of Directors Minutes-Hagley Museum

NAM Pamphlets-Cornell Univ.

NAM Records-Hagley Museum

National Abortion Rights Action League Records-Radcliffe College

National Assn of Pro-America Records-Oregon Historical Society

National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council Records-Center For Jewish History

National Republic Magazine Records-Stanford Univ.

National Socialist League Collection-ONE Natl Gay-Lesbian Archives

National Socialist League Papers-Russell Veh-Univ of Southern Calif

Neo-Nazi Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Neo-Nazi Printed Matter-Stanford Univ.

Network of Patriotic Letter Writers-Michigan State Univ

New Orleans Social Justice-Loyola Univ.

John Francis Noll Papers-Univ. of Notre Dame

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League Papers-Columbia Univ.

Norman Allderdice Collection-Stanford Univ.

Norman Olson Papers-Mich Militia-Univ of Michigan

NSWPP Printed Material-Duke Univ.

Ronald L. Numbers Research Materials-Andrews Univ.

NY Joint Legislative Committee-Seditious Activities-NY State Archives

Revilo Oliver Papers-Kevin Strom-1

Revilo Oliver Papers-Kevin Strom-2

Revilo P. Oliver File--Univ of Illinois

Revilo P. Oliver Papers--Univ. of Illinois

Edmund A. Opitz Papers-Library of Congress

Edmund Opitz Papers-Univ of Oregon

Vernon Pace Collection-Library of Congress

Frank A. Parker Papers-XR in 1940's-Wayne State Univ.

J. Charles Park Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Charles Parsons Papers-Yale Univ.

Westbrook Pegler Papers-Syracuse Univ.

Lee R. Pennington Papers-Stanford Univ.

People for American Way Collection Conservative Ephemera-UC Berkeley

Samuel B. Pettengill Collection-Univ. of Vermont

Samuel B. Pettengill Papers-Univ. of Oregon

J. Howard Pew Papers-Hagley Museum

Evelyn Phillips Anti-Communist Collection-Reagan Library

Herbert A. Philbrick Papers-Library of Congress

Political Extremism and Radicalism in the 20th Century - Gale database

Political Research Associates Archive-PRA

William T. Poole Collection-Stanford Univ.

Posse Comitatus News Clippings and Recordings-Wisconsin Historical Society

Ezra Pound Papers-Library of Congress

Public Eye-Studying the Right

Frank Purinton Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Joe Pyne Radio-TV Program--Hartwest Productions

Radical Extremist Literature-Library of Congress

Radical Right Collection-Stanford Univ

Radical Right Collection 1964-1993-Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst

Radical Right Videos-You Tube

Radical and Reactionary Politics in America-Gale database-78 microfilm reels

Max Rafferty Papers-Univ of Iowa

Donald F. Raihle Papers-Minnesota Historical Society

Florence Ranuzzi Papers-Huntington Library

Red Squad Collection-Chicago History Museum

Thomas C. Reeves Research Files-Wisconsin Historical Society

Henry Regnery Papers-Stanford Univ.

George E. Rennar Papers-Library of Congress

George E. Rennar Papers-Univ. of Washington

Reproductive Rights National Network Records-Smith College

Republican Party (Mich.). 14th Congressional District Republican Committee Records-Univ. of Michigan

Research Collection for Conservative-Libertarian Studies-Univ of OR

Research Papers-Univ of Michigan

George S. Richardson Papers-Univ of Wyoming

James Richardson Papers on the KKK in Southern California-UCLA

Eddie Rickenbacker Papers-Library of Congress

Maurice Ries Manuscript on HUAC-Tulane Univ.

Right To Life of Michigan Papers-Univ. of Michigan

Right Wing Arsenal Collection-9000 pamphlets-Michigan State University

Right Wing Extremist Videos-YouTube

Right Wing Journalism-Michigan State Univ.

Right Wing Organizations-Michigan State Univ.

Right Wing Pamphlet Collection-Yale Univ.

Right Wing Political Collection-Univ of Georgia

Right Wing Political Pamphlets-Univ of Southern California

Right Wing Publications-Cornell Univ.

Right Wing Radical Pamphlets-Univ of Montana

Right Wing Radicalism Collection-Univ of Montana

Right-Wing Alliances, Coalitions-Brown Univ.

Right-Wing Christian Religious Printed Matter-Brown Univ.

Right-Wing Independent Pamphleteers-Brown Univ.

Right-Wing Issues-Brown Univ

Right-Wing Organizations Links-Right Wing Watch

Right-Wing Political Pamphlets-Univ of Southern California

Right-Wing Publishers-Brown Univ

Right-Wing Racist Pamphleteers-Brown Univ.

Right-Wing Radicalism and Fascism-Univ. of Washington

Right-Wing Websites-Political Research Associates

Archibald Roberts Papers-Univ of Oregon

William A. Roberts Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

William A. Roberts Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

George W. Robnett Papers-Stanford Univ.

George W. Robnett Papers-Univ of Oregon

George W. Robnett Papers-Univ of Kansas

George Lincoln Rockwell Speeches-Stanford Univ.

George Lincoln Rockwell Speech-Michigan State Univ.

Herbert Romerstein Papers-Stanford Univ.

E. Merrill Root Papers-Univ of Oregon

E. Merrill Root Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Arnold Marshall Rose Papers-Gerda Koch-Univ. of Minnesota

Susan Rosenfeld, Internal Security Collection-Georgetown Univ.

John Rousselot Papers-Univ of Southern California

Polly King Ruhtenberg Papers-Library of Congress

Polly King Ruhtenberg Papers-Univ of Oregon

Edward A. Rumely Papers-Univ of Oregon

Edward A. Rumely Papers-Univ. of Oregon

William A. Rusher Oral Interview-Northwestern Univ.

William A. Rusher Papers-Library of Congress

John F. Russell Collection-Stanford Univ.

Morrie Ryskind Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Jim Saleam Collection-Stanford Univ.

Eugene Sanctuary Papers-Univ of Kansas

Fred Schlafly Collection-Eagle Forum

Phyllis Schlafly Collection-Eagle Forum

Phyllis Schlafly Oral Interview-Stanford Univ.

John G. Schmitz Papers-JBS-Wichita State Univ.

George S. Schuyler Papers-Syracuse Univ.

Robert E. Scoggin Papers-KKK-Univ of North Carolina

Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance Articles 1949-1967-Wiconsin Historical Society

Segregation and Communism Pamphlets-Univ of Arkansas

Hans F. Sennholz Oral History-Hagley Museum

John C. Setlow Collection-Univ. of South Florida

Marjorie O. Shearon Papers-Library of Congress

Marjorie O. Shearon Papers-Univ of Oregon

Robert Shelton-KKK-Oral Interview-Columbia Univ.

Abraham Shoenfeld Papers-American Jewish Historical Society

Silver Shirt Legion of America Washington State Division Records-Univ of Washington

Gerald L.K. Smith Early Years-Columbia Univ.

Gerald L.K. Smith Papers-Univ of Michigan

Gerald L.K. Smith Publications-Arkansas History Commission

Gerald L.K. Smith Solicitation Letters-Central Michigan Univ.

John Howland Snow Papers-Library of Congress

John Howland Snow Papers-Univ of Oregon

Social Credit Papers-Univ of Queensland

Social Movements Collection-Univ of Virginia

George E. Sokolsky Columns--Syracuse Univ.

George E. Sokolsky Manuscripts-Columbia Univ.

George E. Sokolsky Papers-Stanford Univ.

Southern Poverty Law Center Collection-Duke Univ.

Southern Poverty Law Center Papers-XR-Duke Univ.

Keith Stimely Collection-XR-Univ of Oregon

Jeremiah Stokes Papers-Brigham Young Univ.

J. B. Stoner Gubernatorial Campaign Collection-Univ of KS

J.B. Stoner Gubernatorial Campaign Collection-Univ of Kansas

J.B. Stoner Oral Interview-Michigan State Univ.

J.B. Stoner Videos-You Tube

Willis E. Stone Papers-Univ of Oregon

Willis E. Stone Papers-Univ. of Oregon

Thomas More Storke Papers-JBS-UC Berkeley

James L. Stovall Papers-KKK-Louisiana State Univ.

Wesley A. Swift Speeches-Wisc Historical Society

Marcius E. Taber Papers-Univ. of Michigan

Robert A. Goldberg Papers-Univ of Utah

Robert A. Taft Papers-Library of Congress

Robert A. Taft Papers-Library of Congress

Robert A. Taft Papers-Univ. of Cincinnati

Robert B. DePugh Interview-Wisconsin Historical Society

Sam Tanenhaus Papers-Stanford Univ.

Jack B. Tenney Oral History-UC-Berkeley

Arthur W. Terminiello Papers-Univ of Notre Dame

H. Keith Thompson Papers-Stanford Univ.

H. Keith Thompson Papers-Stanford Univ.

Strom Thurmond Papers--Library of Congress

Lawrence Timbers Papers-Univ of Oregon

Jerry R. Tompkins Papers: The Scopes Trial and the Epperson Case Records-Univ. of Texas-Austin

Stephen J. Tonsor Papers-Stanford Univ.

Eckard V. Toy Jr. Papers-Duke Univ.

John B. Trevor, Jr. Papers-Univ. of Michigan

Harold S. Tuttle Papers-JBS-Wisconsin Historical Society

Harold S. Tuttle Papers-JBS-Wisconsin Historical Society

TV Reports on Nazis-SF Bay Area TV Archive

Julius Uehlein Right To Work Collection-Pennsylvania State Univ.

Underground, Alternative and Extremist Literature-UCLA

United Klans of America Papers-Michigan State Univ.

United Klans of America-Archives of Michigan

United Klans of America-Indiana State Library

Ross Upton Papers-XR-Univ of Wyoming

Freda Utley Papers-Stanford Univ.

Ernest Van den Haag Papers-State Univ. of New York-Albany

Ralph Van Deman Papers-Stanford Univ.

Earl B. Vanfleet Papers-Brigham Young Univ

Lyrl Clark Van Hyning Papers-Loyola Univ.-Chicago

Tom van Riper Collection-KKK - Univ of TN

George S. Viereck Papers-Univ of Iowa

Voice of Liberty Newsletter-Georgia Archives

Voices of Extremism-Illinois State Univ.

Friedrich A. Von Hayek Papers-Stanford Univ.

Wackenhut Research Files-New York Univ.

Wyn Craig Wade Ku Klux Klan Collection-Michigan State Univ.

Edwin A. Walker Papers Finding Aid--Univ. of Texas

Louis Carlisle Walker Papers-Univ. of Michigan

George C. Wallace Papers-Alabama Dept of Archives-History

James K. Warner Collection-Univ of Wyoming

Vernon Orval Watts Papers-Stanford Univ.

Albert C. Wedemeyer Papers-Stanford Univ.

Albert C. Wedemeyer Papers-Stanford Univ.

Robert Welch Videos-You Tube

Nathaniel Weyl Papers-Stanford Univ.

Paul M. Weyrich Papers-Library of Congress

Paul M. Weyrich Papers-Univ. of Wyoming

Paul M. Weyrich Papers-Univ. of Wyoming

Charles White Americanism Collection-Portland State Univ.

Charles White Americanism Collection-Portland State Univ.

White Supremacist Printed Matter-John Hopkins Univ.

Grace Wick Papers-Oregon Historical Society

James L. Wick Papers-Wisconsin Historical Society

Laird M. Wilcox Papers-Univ. of Kansas

Wilcox Collection-Univ of Kansas

Bill Wilkinson Bankruptcy Papers-KKK-Univ of KS

Charles A. Willoughby Papers-US Army Heritage and Education Center

Charles Andrew Willoughby Papers-Stanford Univ.

George Huntston Williams Papers-Harvard Univ.

Helen Avery Williams Papers--Univ of North Carolina

J.D. Williams Papers-JBS-Skousen-Univ of Utah

Wes Willoughby Papers-UC Berkeley

Gerald Burton Winrod Collection-Library of Congress

Gerald Burton Winrod Papers-Library of Congress

Gerald Burton Winrod Papers-Wichita State Univ.

Wisconsin Interchange Records-Wisconsin Historical Society

Loyd Wright Papers-Stanford Univ.

Young Americans For Freedom Papers-Stanford Univ.

Eve J. Zink Papers-Univ of Wyoming


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New Batch of FBI Files Uploaded To Internet Archive

For those who might be interested, I uploaded the following FBI files to Internet Archive today.   The next group of files should be available in September.

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