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The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

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Paul, the best I can do is to give you my opinion that the exiles involved in the tactical team were told that a. JFK had to be eliminated ASAP to kill the backchannel  talks with Castro that were about to get underway and might have well booted the Russians out of Cuba, removed the trade embargo and restored Cuba to essentially a socialist state of neutrality like India (JFK was the only US leader of the era who understood and could accept anti-colonial positions of neutrality) and b. they were fed a line about a patsy being in place and other plans in progress for the assassination to trigger an attack on Cuba.  Some of that may well have been true and aborted with Oswald's unplanned capture - I've commented on that before - or it may all have been a line of BS fed to them, not that unusual since promises were often made to surrogates (sometimes the CIA officers themselves believed them).  I can tell you that Martino among others in later years made remarks indicating he felt that they might well have been manipulated.  

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The thing that has always struck me is,with the previous attempts.Should his security not have been on Red Alert.I would have thought that apart from the pilot car that was way ahead.They should have had a security car in front of his.At least a Police Car in front.

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What are the odds that these three attempts on Kennedy were not related? Three attempts within the same month or even within the same year. IMHO, there is probably a 0.1% chance that the three are not related and thus a 99.9% chance that they are related. And when one thinks about it seriously it's probably a DNA type percentage for a match, like one in 200 million.

One of the lone nut assassins was a Cuban (revenge for the Bay of Pigs), one was a nut job and the other was a commie. Three diverse lone nuts but all three with the same intent.

Of the usual suspects, which one could get three plans, three different hitmen in three different cities all together to kill the president of the United States?

So lets assume that the three attempts are related, the odds certainly point in that direction, would this be enough to dispel the lone nut theory?

I think it does. A certain group who were trying to hedge their bets so to speak. This wasn't about some poor soul who all of a sudden woke up one day and decided to kill the president for whatever reason.

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2 hours ago, George Sawtelle said:

What are the odds that these three attempts on Kennedy were not related? Three attempts within the same month or even within the same year. IMHO, there is probably a 0.1% chance that the three are not related and thus a 99.9% chance that they are related. And when one thinks about it seriously it's probably a DNA type percentage for a match, like one in 200 million.

One of the lone nut assassins was a Cuban (revenge for the Bay of Pigs), one was a nut job and the other was a commie. Three diverse lone nuts but all three with the same intent.

Of the usual suspects, which one could get three plans, three different hitmen in three different cities all together to kill the president of the United States?

So lets assume that the three attempts are related, the odds certainly point in that direction, would this be enough to dispel the lone nut theory?

I think it does. A certain group who were trying to hedge their bets so to speak. This wasn't about some poor soul who all of a sudden woke up one day and decided to kill the president for whatever reason.


if you look at the backgrounds of Lopez and Oswald it becomes very obvious that the Tampa and the Dallas plot were related.


"Like Oswald, Lopez was also of interest to Naval Intelligence. Also similar to Oswald, Gilberto Lopez made a mysterious trip to Mexico City in the fall of 1963, attempting to get to Cuba. Lopez even used the same border crossing as Oswald, and government reports say both went by car, though neither man owned a car. Like Oswald, Lopez had recently separated from his wife and had gotten into a fist-fight in the summer of 1963 over supposedly pro-Castro sympathies.

Declassified Warren Commission and CIA documents confirm that Lopez, whose movements parallel Oswald in so many ways in 1963, was on a secret "mission" for the US involving Cuba, an "operation" so secret that the CIA felt that protecting it was considered more important than thoroughly investigating the JFK assassination. Our high Florida law-enforcement source confirmed that Lopez was an asset for another agency, though he did not say whether Lopez was a "witting" or "unwitting" asset)."

--> Ultimate Sacrifice, page 305

"Oswald was linked to Lopez via Informant reports of a visit by Oswald to Tampa and someone with its small Fair Play for Cuba Committe chapter, the same Group Lopez visited on November 17,1963, the day before JFK's Tampa trip."

--> page 307


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On 9/15/2017 at 7:42 PM, James DiEugenio said:

I am posting this since its gotten some attention.  I think i had it up here before, but its worth looking at again, or if you did not read it, do so for the first time.

Paul Bleau does good work.  And I think this is really an important overview to understand what was really going on in 1963.  Whether these were dry runs or dress rehearsals or the real thing is not the main point IMO.  The main point is two fold:

1.) The similarity of the designs in the planning, especially Chicago. And

2.) Kennedy was begin stalked in 1963. There was no way he was going to get to run in 1964.  They knew he would win. And they did not want anymore of the guy.



Agreed, but who are the "they"?

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The fact that there were three planned attempts on Kennedy's life, one of course which was successful, destroys the lone nut theory. That is what is important about this information.

Oswald was not a lone nut. He was part of one of three plots to kill Kennedy in Nov 1963. 

Also, a very interesting side note to all of this is the following

If the Cuban had been successful and had been captured, would there have been a cover-up? 

If Vallee had been successful and had been captured, would there have been a cover-up? 

I think the answer to the two questions above is yes. The three plots led to Castro and LBJ didn't/wouldn't want a confrontation with Russia which could result in a nuclear exchange.

It was LBJ who changed the plans of the plotters by pushing the lone nut theory in his eagerness not to confront Russia that caused the plotters to undo much of the fake Castro did it scenario which opened them up to scrutiny that led to the huge cover-up.



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Predictions of Joseph Milteer

Right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer.
Right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer.

Thirteen days before Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, a man named Joseph Milteer was tape recorded telling Miami police informant William Somersett that the murder of Kennedy was "in the working," that the best means of killing Kennedy was "from an office building with a high-powered rifle," and that "they will pick up somebody within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen just to throw the public off."

Foreknowledge of the assassination, or just a lucky guess coupled with an uncanny understanding of how such things work?

Miami Police notified the Secret Service, and there are indications that an unannounced motorcade in Miami scheduled for later that month was cancelled. After the Kennedy assassination, informant Somersett spoke to Milteer on the phone. Police and FBI interviews with Somersett revealed that Milteer was jubilant, and said that "everything ran true to form. I guess you thought I was kidding when I said he would be killed from a window with a high-powered rifle."

The Warren Commission never learned the full truth of Milteer's statements, receiving just a cursory interview report in December 1963 and a somewhat more detailed one in July 1964, late in the Commission's term. But even the later report failed to discuss the recorded statements which the Secret Service received. A more complete version of the story finally reached the public in 1967 in a newspaper article.

The HSCA investiged whether a man photographed standing in the crowd in Dealey Plaza was Milteer - the resemblance is certainly strong. the HSCA's photographic panel determined, based on height calculations, that the man was not Milteer.

Who was Joseph Milteer? He was an organizer for the racist National States Rights Party and the Constitution Party. The latter organization's membership included retired Marine General Pedro del Valle, about whom Drew Pearson wrote in 1961 that del Valle came close to "urging armed insurrection." If Milteer's predictions were indeed based on foreknowledge, then the path to Kennedy's real killers would lead to right-wing segregationists and military extremists, categories which included some very powerful people.

Just 13 days before JFK is taken out in Dealey Plaza, Joseph MiIteer is on secretly hidden tape describing to Miami Police informant Willie Somersett "exact specifics" as to the weapon-used-and-shooting-location and how a single patsy would be caught, arrested and blamed ( within hours) in regards to the JFK ass.   

And when Somersett presents this question to Milteer ... "are they really gonna try and kill him?(JFK ) ", Milteer responds "Oh yeah - it's in the workings."  

How can anyone hear this Joseph Milteer exact details JFK killing prediction tape ( especially so close in dates to the actual event ) and not take it more seriously than meaningless or just an incredible coincidence? 

For the Miami police to commit that amount of serious covert surveillance activity to get Milteer on tape with Somersett directing the conversation between Milteer and himself to the JFK  threat subject...just shouts the obvious. They considered this man that dangerous in regards to JFK's personal security.  

Just read about Milteer. Well off financially. A racist obsessed with hate of JFK primarily because of JFK's stance on that issue.

Below is the entire tape transcript. Fascinating read.

Transcript of Milteer-Somersett Tape

Note: This is a transcript of a tape recorded on 9 Nov 1963 by Miami Police informant William Somersett, recording a conversion with right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer. The transcript is taken from Harold Weisberg's essay The Milteer Documents in the book The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond (in this version, INFORMANT has been replaced with SOMERSETT, and SUBJECT with MILTEER). Portions referring to Kennedy are in bold.

SOMERSETT: Now we are going to, you are going to have to take, Kenney, what do you call his last name?

MILTEER: Kenneth Adams.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, you are going to take him in, he is supposed to be one of the hard-core of the underground, are you going to invite him into that, too? What about Brown, now, are you going to invite Brown in? You are going to have Brown in it?


SOMERSETT: Now, I will tell you between me and you, because we are talking, we aren't going to talk to everybody like we are talking here. Now, you know this, I like Brown, he is a good fellow, you know him, now here is something, when we was in his house, now, he knows me and you, but he didn't know Lee McCloud, well I think he done too much talking in front of a man he didn't know. Brown trusts a lot of people, he figures everybody is good.


SOMERSETT: And you know when he was telling her [or him, not legible] about blowing up all those churches and, you know, I don't think he should have said all that in front of McCloud.

MILTEER: That is exactly the way I feel about it, too. And I didn't talk about it any more after we left there.

SOMERSETT: No, I see you didn't, you see, these things come to my mind, I don't know McCloud well, and Brown never seen him before in his life, that I know of, now you seen this boy, Jackie, didn't open his mouth, he just sit there and listened. Jack Caulk [phonetic] he is a very quiet boy, Brown it just seems, well, he, I guess he has gotten by with so much he just don't care. He come out with all that about going over to Atlanta carrying that stuff, and showing them how to operate, I didn't want to say anything to him, but I don't think it is a good idea for people to discuss things like that in front of strangers. What do you think about it?

MILTEER: No, I - He should operate that, the same as he does the rest of it.

SOMERSETT: That's right, damn right that is right. Now you take like the Birmingham ... [Milteer breaks in]

MILTEER: Any conclusion they come up with, that's them, not him.

SOMERSETT: That is true.

MILTEER: He didn't give them anything.

SOMERSETT: Well, he didn't give them nothing.

MILTEER: Just like me at home there folks want to know, "Joe, where do you get all of your information?" "Well, I get it, that is all you are interested in," and that is as far as it goes, see. And the same guy will turn around and give me some information, but he doesn't know where I am getting my information. The same guy who asks me where I get my information, will turn around and give me information.

SOMERSETT: Well, sure, of course, I realize that.

MILTEER: That is the way you have got to operate.

SOMERSETT: Well, that is what I say, if you are going to take Brown in, and Brown is going to be one of the head men, the man behind you, then you have got to talk to Brown a little bit, and tell him, you know, "You have got to be a little more conscientious, especially on these bombings, and killings," after all he comes right out with it.

MILTEER: We have got to let him understand, that, that is his operation, and not ours.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, that is true. We don't care, if he wants to go to Birmingham and blow up a church, let him.

MILTEER: If he wants to blow up the National Capital, that is alright with me. I will go with him, but not as a party though, as an individual.

SOMERSETT: Well, if you want to go with him and help him blow it up, that is not the party, it is an individual, you are going to have to make him understand that.

MILTEER: There is a party movement, and there is also an individual movement.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, that is right.

MILTEER: And they are distinct and separate.

SOMERSETT: Well, you are going to have to make him understand that, right there, he didn't exactly admit it, but Jesus Christ, he intimated, he indicated right there, he backed the bombings of killing the negroes in Birmingham, well, you know damn well we don't want anybody talking like that.

MILTEER: Can't afford it.

SOMERSETT: Well, you damn well that is bad talk especially to somebody he don't know. He could have said that to me, and you would have been alright, it would have been between you and me then.

MILTEER: That is true.

SOMERSETT: But to go ahead and say it in front of Lee McCloud, what that [sic] hell ... [Milteer breaks in]

MILTEER: Well, I think he thought that he would [not] have been with us, if he had not been alright. But that is still not enough.

SOMERSETT: No, hell no, that is no good, at least before he made all those statements, he should have called you outside, or consulted about this man a little bit.

MILTEER: You have to have reservations, you know.

SOMERSETT: That is right. Hell, he didn't say these things in any way to try to get us into trouble, because the only one who could be in trouble would be him, he was confessing on his damn self, he wasn't confessing on us, because we hadn't done a damn thing.

MILTEER: You and I would not get up there on the stand and say that he told us a cotton picking thing either.

SOMERSETT: Well, he knows that, but how about the other man.

MILTEER: Well, that is what I say.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, hell yes. I tell you something, you take Kenneth Adams over there, he is a mean damn man, like Brown was saying, the guy he was sending him to, well Kenneth is real mean, and the way Brown indicated they [not legible] the negroes, well, we don't care anything about that. I would rather he wouldn't tell us those stories.

MILTEER: You sure can't repeat them.

SOMERSETT: Yeah. That is the set-up we are in now, I mean, we have to work with them, but let them operate their grollings [phonetic], like you say, if you want to go with them, that is your opinion, you go with him up to Washington and blow with him, if you want to go ... [Milteer breaks in]

MILTEER: I have a man who is the head of his underground of his own up there in Delaware, and since I worked on the Supreme Court, he wanted me to give him the lay-out there so they could go over there and do some things there, you know. But he called it off, I don't know why, I didn't even ask him why. That was his affair, but he called it off. But I was ready to go with him. I gave him the damn information he wanted.

SOMERSETT: You worked on the Supreme Court.

MILTEER: Yeah, three and a half years.

SOMERSETT: Well, that is why he wanted you to go, then, well, them things have got to be done, but outside the Party, we have got to be mighty careful who the hell we let know anything. Now, here is one thing you have got to realize, transporting dynamite across the state line is a federal offense, well you better let them know that.

MILTEER: Well, there is a way to beat that, you know. All you have to do is pull up to the state line, unload it there, slide it across the line, get in the car and load it again, and they can't accuse you of transporting it then, because you didn't do it. I have done the same thing with a woman. I had one, then I had a woman frame me on it. I got to the state line, and I said, "Listen, Toots, this is the state line, get out, and I will meet you over there," she got out, walked across the line, got in my car in the other state, I didn't transport her, there wasn't a xxxxing thing she could do about it, I had her ass for a long time.

SOMERSETT: I was talking to a boy yesterday, and he was in Athens, Georgia, and he told me, that they had two colored people working in that drug store, and that them, uh, they went into the basement, and tapped them small pipes, I guess that they are copper together, and let that thing accumulate, and blowed the drug store up. He told me that yesterday, do you think that is right?

MILTEER: It could have happened that way.

SOMERSETT: Well, that is what he told me, and he is in town right now.

MILTEER: Does he know who did it? Do they think these negroes did it?

SOMERSETT: Oh, no, they killed the negroes, because they had two negroes working in the place, that is what he told me. He is in town now, he is from Chattanooga. He knows Brown, he knows all of them, his uncle is in the Klan there. He is a young boy, he has been in the Marines, and he really knows his business. He went there, he went down and looked, and he told me that is what happened. So he has been involved in quite a little bit of stuff, according to his story about Nashville, Chattanooga, and Georgia. I have no reason not to believe him, because he told me too much about Brown's operation, that is the reason I [not legible].

MILTEER: Yeah. You take this boy, Connor McGintis [phonetic], boy up there in Union, N.J., of course he doesn't go to anything like that, but he is on our side, he is the one that puts out that Common Sense. He is an ex-Marine. He is all man, too.

SOMERSETT: Now, you see, we will talk to these other people, you have made up your mind that you are going to use the Constitutional Party as a front.

MILTEER: Yeah, Constitutional Party States Rights.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, and it will be strictly secret, and nobody will be exposed except you.


SOMERSETT: Because when we talk to them today, you want to know exactly what to tell them, how it operates.

MILTEER: Yeah, and we have got to set up a little fund there to get it operating.

SOMERSETT: Oh, yeah, sure.

MILTEER: And I am going to devote my time to it, I don't have any idea of getting elected to that City Commission, but I am just making it cost them bastards it cost them as it is, cost them between $1,500 and $2,000 to beat me before, so I want to make it cost them another couple of thousand dollars. If they want to get rid of me, they can buy my xxxxing property, and I will get out of the damn town. In other words, they will save me money. I am going to put that out in one of the damn bulletins there, see. We put, the way I operate, put out these little bulletins, like a typewriter page, eight and a half by eleven, and brother don't you think they ain't waiting for them, when I don't put them out, "Joe, where is the bulletin?" Bill, that could go all over the country the same way. That was just a trial proposition, if it will work in a little stinking town like that, it will work anywhere.

SOMERSETT: I don't know, I think Kennedy is coming here on the 18th, or something like that to make some kind of speech, I don't know what it is, but I imagine it will be on the TV, and you can be on the look for that, I think it is the 18th that he is suppose to be here. I don't know what it is suppose to be about.

MILTEER: You can bet your bottom dollar he is going to have a lot to say about the Cubans, there are so many of them here.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, well he will have a thousand bodyguards, don't worry about that.

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has, the easier it is to get him.


MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has the more easier it is to get him.

SOMERSETT: Well how in the hell do you figure would be the best way to get him?

MILTEER: From an office building with a high-powered rifle, how many people [room noise--tape not legible] does he have going around who look just like him? Do you know about that?

SOMERSETT: No, I never heard that he had anybody.

MILTEER: He has got them.


MILTEER: He has about fifteen. Whenever he goes any place they [not legible] he knows he is a marked man.

SOMERSETT: You think he knows he is a marked man?

MILTEER: Sure he does.

SOMERSETT: They are really going to try to kill him?

MILTEER: Oh, yeah, it is in the working, Brown himself, Brown is just as likely to get him as anybody. He hasn't said so, but he tried to get Martin Luther King.


MILTEER: Oh yes, he followed him for miles and miles, and couldn't get close enough to him.

SOMERSETT: You know exactly where he is in Atlanta don't you.

MILTEER: Martin Luther King, yeah.

SOMERSETT: Bustus Street [phonetic].

MILTEER: Yeah 530.

SOMERSETT: Oh Brown tried to get him huh?


SOMERSETT: Well, he will damn sure do it, I will tell you that. Well, that is why, look, you see, well, that is why we have to be so careful, you know that Brown is operating strong.

MILTEER: He ain't going to play you know.

SOMERSETT: That is right.

MILTEER: He is going for broke.

SOMERSETT: I never asked Brown about his business or anything, you know just what he told me, told us, you know. But after the conversation, and the way he talked to us, there is no question in my mind about who knocked the church off in Birmingham, you can believe that, that is the way I figured it.

MILTEER: That is right, it is about the ony way you can figure it.

SOMERSETT: That is right.

MILTEER: Not being there, not knowing anything.

SOMERSETT: But just from his conversation, as you and me know him, but if they did, it is their business, like you say [Milteer breaks in].

MILTEER: It is up to the individual.

SOMERSETT: That is right. They are individual operators, we don't want that within the party. Hitting this Kennedy is going to be a hard proposition, I tell you, I believe, you may have figured out a way to get him, you may have figured out the office building, and all that. I don't know how them Secret Service agents cover all them office buildings, or anywhere he is going, do you know whether they do that or not?

MILTEER: Well, if they have any suspicion they do that of course. But without suspicion chances are that they wouldn't. You take there in Washington, of course it is the wrong time of the year, but you take pleasant weather, he comes out on the veranda, and somebody could be in a hotel room across the way there, and pick him off just like [fades out].

SOMERSETT: Is that right?

MILTEER: Sure, disassemble a gun, you don't have to take a gun up there, you can take it up in pieces, all those guns come knock down, you can take them apart.

SOMERSETT: They have got a damn, this boy was telling me yesterday about, they have got an explosive that you get out of the army, it is suppose to be like putty or something, you stick it up, and use a small fuse, you just stick it like that, he told me, and I think that is what happened in the church in Birmingham, they stuck this stuff, somebody stuck it under the steps with a short fuse, and went on home. This boy is pretty smart, demolition is that what you call it?

MILTEER: Demolition, that is right.

SOMERSETT: I am going to talk with him some more.

MILTEER: Yeah I would.

SOMERSETT: I am going to talk with him some more, and find out a lot more about his operation, because he knows a hell of a lot.

MILTEER: You need a guy like that around, too. Where we can put our finger on him, when we want him.

SOMERSETT: Yeah. Well, you have got somebody up there in that country now, if you need him.

MILTEER: Well, we are going to have to get nasty first [not legible].

SOMERSETT: Yeah, get nasty.

MILTEER: We have got to be ready, we have got to be sitting on go, too.

SOMERSETT: Yeah, that is right.

MILTEER: There ain't any count down to it, we have just got to be sitting on go. Count down they can move in on you, and on go they can't. Count down is alright for a slow prepared operation, but in an emergency operation, you have got to be sitting on go.

SOMERSETT: Boy, if that Kennedy gets shot, we have got to know where we are at. Because you know that will be a real shake, if they do that.

MILTEER: They wouldn't leave any stone unturned there no way. They will pick up somebody within hours afterwards, if anything like that would happen just to throw the public off.

SOMERSETT: Oh, somebody is going to have to go to jail, if he gets killed.

MILTEER: Just like that Bruno Hauptmann in the Lindbergh case you know [Dials telephone].

SOMERSETT: "Hello, is Jim there?" "Has he gone to the office?" "Uh, huh, well, is he coming back home?" "Alright, I will do that, thank you." He has gone out to one of those apartment houses, and he will be back later. We will go see whatamacallit, he closes at 1:00 o'clock. We will go up and see Andrew, and we will double back to Jim's [room noise].

MILTEER: Actually the only man we are interested in up at that place [room noise - not legible - door closes].



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Many people knew Kennedy was going to be hit.

Look to the cover-up. Who or what entity is protected by the cover-up?

Why protect someone who is dead? Why not accept it and move on. But that is not what we have seen. The cover-up endures 50 plus years after the assassination.

You can rest assured that who or whatever entity that  lives is still being protected.

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One can narrow down the list of usual suspects to one. Has the CIA stonewalled to protect the radical right, LBJ, the mafia, the Cubans?

It's ludicrous to think that the CIA would cover-up the crime of the century to protect anyone other than itself. It's self preservation, one of God's given instincts.

We can narrow down the suspects to individuals by answering the following question ... who has a history of working on CIA projects for regime change? Which agents have a history of working on regime change in Guatemala, in Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, Indonesia. Make no mistake, the Kennedy assassination was a coup d-etat, regime change.

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On 9/23/2017 at 1:25 AM, Joe Bauer said:

Foreknowledge of the assassination, or just a lucky guess coupled with an uncanny understanding of how such things work?

Who was Joseph Milteer?



I've been thinking about Milteer a little bit the last couple of days - not so much for the right wing background you mentioned, but the bit about a high powered-rifle from a tall building.

In every political assassination I can think of, Julius Caesar, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, etc., these killings were up close and personal. Their killers were described as lone nuts, not just because they were a little crazy, but also because the killers saw a political situation, and made it personal.

JFK's killing was cold, dispassionate. It was done from a distance, with military precision, with a reasonable chance of escape without capture. It was a political, or economic act, not a personal one. There doesn't seem to be any emotion tied to JFK's killing. I don't believe James Files, but wasn't it he who said, it was no different than taking out the garbage.


So, with Joseph Milteer, what do we know about his background? How did he make his living? Where did he go to school? What was his family like? Did he serve in the military, and if so, where and what was his MOS, or military occupational specialty? Is there any evidence of him meeting with any military people, or CIA people prior to the assassination?


Steve Thomas

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Steve, Stu and I explore Milteer in a fair amount of detail in the Awful Grace of God and we did also go though all his FBI records and dig into Christianson's primary research on him.  In addition we managed to get information on him that the HSCA collected but not take into their DC files, its still in a country court house in Georgia - to  your question, no he did not serve in the military and he no military connections, he had a common law wife, traveled the country extensively in ultra right political circles, did some minor weapon sales, had a fake bank account in Idaho for that  (or Utah, have to look that up), inherited some family money but not too much and in general was a right wing political gadfly covering angles from the NSRP to a number of KKK groups.  His most important connections may have been to the money collection that went into the King bounty out of Atlanta.

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Milteer's statement is the prime example of what I believe was the job of Radical Right elements such as the kKK, JBS and the White Citzens Council: To make noise, stretch resources, distract authorities, dilute and weaken the veracity of actual leads and reports of the plot, and create an expectation of an assassination. In Milteers case, he provided details so the LHO story would have stronger legs when the time came for that story to run.

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MILTEER They wouldn't leave any stone unturned there no way. They will pick up somebody within hours `afterwards, if anything like that would happen just to throw the public off.

Milteer`wasn't sure the assassination would happen. He was passing along information he had heard. He had no first hand knowledge about the assassination and wasn't involved in the planning. IMO it wasn't a radical right plan.

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I don't think the radial right could have done the deed themselves. 

However, Milteer could have easily been informed of something "in the workings" regards JFK by any number of people.

Wasn't Guy Bannister a person who crossed-over into many different areas of political intrigue from radical right to the lettered agencies?

I could see Bannister being in radical racist circles where Milteer may have been a player, and who may have had dialogue with Bannister.

When it came to killing Kennedy, talk about strange bedfellows.

But regardless, I agree with Steve Thomas.  This was a cold, impersonal killing. Military precision and planning.

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I would be on solid ground by saying the CIA is right wing. I would even consider some agents to be radical right.

And maybe some belong to radical right groups. It's possible Milteer received information on the Kennedy's assassination from those folks. 

But I doubt the CIA would stick it's neck out to cover for radical right groups.

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