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Salon rips Burns-Novick on political omissions in the upcoming Hemingway series.

I've heard variants on the FBI persecution reality over the years, without even researching them.  Why were the creators of a Hemingway film ignorant?  If I recall correctly, some of this made it into the once-definitive Carlos Baker biography of EH.


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Not only does the Hemingway docu mislead about

the FBI surveillance of Hemingway by simplistically

calling him "paranoid" and not mentioning that

it was actually happening, the docu also seriously undercounts

the number of American deaths in the D-Day landings.

And Hemingway biographer Mary Dearborn for some

reason says on the docu that she doesn't know what Ernest and Mary

did in bed together during their gender-bending sessions,

even though her excellent book goes into detail about that subject.

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