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The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction

John Butler

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The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction

Hi, I’m back.

I wanted to let you folks know I have started a blog about some of the things I have discovered about the Kennedy assassination.  Currently, there is a 3 part article on the Babushka Lady being published.  The website is:


In this article there is new information or a different way to look at the Babushka Lady.  Essentially, the Babushka Lady is Jack White’s Lady in Blue and at the same time the two are two different individuals.

Regardless, both were never on Elm Street during the assassination of President Kennedy.  Their appearance there in the various films and photos is a fantasy given life by the assassination cover up photo editors.

The greater mystery is not who the Babushka Lady is but, why does she replace the Lady in Blue.  What is being covered up by this replacement?

Here is something totally different and profoundly shocking.  This is a frame from the Bob Yeargan, AMIPA film.  Couple this frame, with others from the film, and what Jackie Kennedy said about the assassination and you will have something radically different.


What I see in this film frame is President Kennedy being propelled forward, the air from his lungs being violently ejected forcing his cheeks to bulge outward, and there is a squint-eyed pained grimace on his face.  His hands are clawing at the air.  He has been shot in the back.  This is in accord with the strange statements Jackie Kennedy made about the assassination.  This occurred just west of the NW corner of Market Street on Main Street en route to the turn onto Houston Street.

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Sorry, but I don't see what you describe regards JFK's face and hands.

I don't see JFK grimacing or his hands flailing.

The entire picture is out of focus and all four faces ( Connally, his wife, JFK and even Jackie ) are blurred to fairly high degrees.

I do agree that there seems to be something weird regards the Babushka Lady in separate photos.

The shot taken behind her when she is on the grass facing JFK's limo before and during the shooting to me shows a woman with heavier than normal lower legs and ankles. A healthy big boned person with however, younger, smoother legs and ankles, not older ones in my opinion. 

I could see this being big boned Beverly Oliver.

But the later still shot of this supposedly same hooded woman running up the grassy knoll shows a much older woman's face which to me doesn't correlate with the younger, smoother, stronger and younger person looking legs and ankles in the earlier Babushka Lady backside shot.

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On 9/26/2017 at 3:09 PM, Michael Walton said:

Hi John. Are you  seriously  saying that the photo above is when the shooting started?

Kennedy was shot in the back first. It was a “short shot,” or it would have killed him. This made the assassination more complicated and messy since frontal shots were then needed. It also allows the killing to be exposed because it had to be covered up by saying all shots were from behind. 

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