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US knew about 1960s mass killings of communists in Indonesia, declassified documents reveal

Guest Bart Kamp

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The newly released files underline the US Embassy's and State Department's early, detailed and ongoing knowledge of the killings and eagerness to avoid doing anything that would hinder the Indonesian army. Historians had already established that the US provided lists of senior communist party officials, radio equipment and money as part of active support for the army.

The documents also show that US officials had credible information that contradicted the Indonesian army's lurid story that the kidnapping and killing of seven generals in an abortive coup by junior officers on 30 September 1965, which paved the way for the bloodbath, was ordered by the Indonesian communist party and Beijing.

The documents specifically mention mass killings ordered by Suharto, a general who within months would seize total power and rule Indonesia for more than three decades, and the pivotal role in carrying out the massacres by groups that today remain Indonesia's biggest mainstream Muslim organisations: Nahdlatul Ulama, its youth wing Ansor and Muhammadiyah.


Jim D., is one of the few people who has already brought certain things to light about this matter, I suspect the documents go even deeper than anything mentioned before.

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That is a really interesting article with some new stuff in it Bart.

The American Embassy deliberately kept up the cover up on the atrocities so they could continue and kept their extent from Sukarno also.

So the perps and the embassy wore working hand in glove.

Would have never happened if Kennedy had lived.

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