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Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

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Has Trump Cut a Deal with the CIA and FBI to Keep Concealing Key JFK Assassination Documents?

Plans for full disclosure by October 26 deadline are "in flux," says National Archives.

By Jefferson Morley



What Are They Hiding?

Researchers for the Mary Farrell Foundation, which has the largest online repository of JFK assassination records, scraped the National Archives database of JFK records earlier this year. Our keyword analysis, published in Newsweek, yielded new insight into what the government is still concealing, including:

  • Approximately 700 pages of secret material from the files of two high-ranking CIA officers, William K. Harvey and David Phillips, who ran assassination operations in the 1960s. Both men were open in their contempt for JFK's Cuba policy.
  • The records of two undercover officers, Howard Hunt and David Morales, both of whom later made statements to family members that seemed to implicate themselves (and CIA personnel) in the murder of the liberal president in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.
  • A transcript of the closed-door testimony of CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton to Senate investigators in September 1975. As I document in my forthcoming biography of Angleton, his staff monitored the movements of  accused assassin Lee Oswald from November 1959 through November 1963.


Steve Thomas

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Same old same old.

Everyone knows that so much has been shredded over the years we will never know anything close to the truth, even if what's left is released.

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There were two indications of this.

First, when the National Archives changed their announced pattern of release, and when the two blowhards, Sabato and Shenon issued their new article on the subject.

At first, NARA was going to release the rest of the documents at announced intervals until the last day, 10/26.  But then, about two weeks ago, with nothing released from July, they said they were waiting until the last day.  Which made me wonder  if the CIA or FBI had talked to Trump.

Second, Shenon and Sabato printed a column at Politco saying that the final document dump would provide "the army of researchers" with plentiful ammo to pronounce new conspiracy theories.  This reversed their previous column from about two months ago saying that Trump should release everything.  Isn't that odd?

I think the natural reaction is to think something is in those docs that someone does not want to see the light of day.  That may or may not be the case, but that is the deduction I think.  Why run the risk of leaving that impression?


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Agreed, James.  I've always thought there is probably something pretty damning in those reports.  Maybe not a smoking gun, but with operational files of Harvey, Phillips, Morales, etc., there's probably a lot for researching to dig their teeth into.  Probably even a handful of shocking things even a lay person would understand.  Why else would they create this spectacle and not release everything?  It's infuriating nonetheless.

Edited by Brian Schmidt
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Whenever anything brings the JFK assassination back into the national spotlight or discussion realm we see the appearance of people like P. Shenon who are given instant and way higher than normal visibility and coverage in the MSM versus JFK researchers and writers who are clearly much more qualified in the subject, but who may see the event as a conspiracy.

You can clearly see a collusion here of the greater MSM and those who still feel the need to confront anything that may create more national discourse and contemplation regards the Warren Commission finding as being a false conclusion.

Our top researchers here, as qualified and credentialed as any Phil Shenon, aren't mentioned and they are not asked to provide editorial pieces to be shown on national media news pages like AOL ( and others ) who recently did this with Shenon's ridiculous one warning that this file release may cause panic in the streets. 

It was so disturbing to see how much high production cost JFK assassination rubbish the MSM pumped out during the JFK 50th anniversary period to cloud out any truly credible research discussion that reflected a conspiracy.  

Our MSM is still controlled over 50 years after 11,22,1963 ... how sad and even tragic.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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In "Politico’s JFK story may be wrong but it is not ‘disinformation’ Jeff Morley wrote:-

"I know Shenon and Sabato. Both are very knowledgable about the JFK story. There is plenty to debate in their journalism and scholarship but nothing that indicates they would intentionally lie. While I disagree with their analysis of the JFK case, I have no reason to believe they are making assertions they know to be false.

No evidence is presented for the insinuation of intentional deception, so I believe the charge is baseless and should be withdrawn."

The statement above rather defeats itself. If Jeff Morley 'Know's Shenon and Sabato' then why have they failed to use him as a signpost to the Facts of the JFK case? unless they have reason to avoid the facts?

 I fully agree with Jim DiEugenio , Shenon is deliberately attempting to limit the impact of any document release and has wasted his airtime, when an honest journalist would at least provide a considered review of why some of the unreleased documents could be revealing.

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For the few here that label most of us 'CIA did it' conspiracy theorists, most especially Paul Trejo, who thinks the document dump will finally point the finger at the ultra right, you have to admit that there is something foul afoot when such key CIA people as Harvey, Hunt, Phillips, Angleton are still being protected.

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Trump will make a deal with the CIA whereby the CIA won't release all the documents in exchange for favors from the CIA.

Just like Trump will forgive Puerto Rico's debt and not allow FEMA and the government to rebuild Puerto Rico in exchange for relocation of Puerto Ricans to US, US banks (real estate offices) buy Puerto Rican land at cheap prices and develop the land for tourism (that is how the US banks recover their loans). Trump of course will get his cut of land free of price and build his hotels with casinos. The banks can easily forgive their loans to Puerto Rico for the land that will give profits forever.

What a country right? 

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