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The Larry and Phil Show Part 3

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Well, Shenon and Sabato are at it again.

This time, they complain about the document dump upcoming next week.  Journalists may pick something up and make a big deal about it.  Only they can interpret what it means I guess.

The problem is these guys have not mentioned any new docs save one over three columns and three months.  Nor have they mentioned all the documents released as still classified.  And there have been many.  Or the ones that are illegible, which includes a ZR/RIfle document.  What blowhards.


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Very good Paul. 

There are actually two ZR Rifle docs that are illegible.

In just one batch there were 21 illegible docs.

And there were many which were witheld in full.  

Question: If Trump orders all of them released, what does NARA do with the illegible ones?

These are the kinds of questions Larry and Phil do not ask, let alone answer. 

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Do these documents show the date?  Were they from the period Harvey ran it, or during the time of the Assassination?

I wonder if any of the documents on him Might be legible IF they are released.

The silence regarding next Thursday is foreboding.  It Should be a Historical one for the sake of what's left of Democracy.

Though it's significance may be lost on the subjects of the plutocracy, or, oligarchy. 

They're Our Files.  Free The Files.

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I think the articles are becoming more disingenuous each time.  They seem to contradict prior comments each time.

Now, to suggest that releasing the docs. will merely increase the conspiracy theories and therefore, do not release them because it will be a fiasco,

excuse me while I go barf around the corner.  I am disgusted any credible news source would print that crap.

This is history, our country, and transparency. 

If it was Oswald, there is nothing to hide.


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