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Using the Spreadsheet to easily go through the newly released data

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I am not happy with the missing documents. We will have to deal with what is there. But if Trump is true to his word, he wants a detailed reason why a document should be withheld. From his language he makes it sound like the only thing that will keep something out is something like a spy of ours from the 60s who is still alive in Cuba.  I will judge him in 180 days. 

I love the age of the Internet. Everything is easy to find and look at. Much easier than when I used to research this stuff in the 80s and 90s.  I have been looking at it for a few hours. Nothing has leaped out at me as surprising.  I am done for the night. 

But I will give some help to make looking at what is there easier.  Or maybe all of you know this already. I have only been here a week.

Download the spreadsheet:  https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/jfkrelease-2017-dce65d0ec70a54d5744de17d280f3ad2.xlsx

Open the spreadsheet
Select Column F
Open the data tab in excel 
Select text to column.  Select Next until you hit Column Data Format. Select Date with MDY and hit finish.

This will allow the filter to work for all but 126 of the new records that have zeros as one or more of the date columns.

Good luck  

Clark Merrill

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