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Vernon does damage, if only by messing up witnesses. For example, he is trying to find out which grandfdaughtyer of Marcello is my friend. Someone dear to her is in prison now, went in with Edwin Edwards, making her vulnerable. He wants to call her and... try to pry statements out of her that might damage me, if possible... we do not know how many people he has called...

anyway, lately, he called poor Ira Harkey who is IN THE HOSPITAL...to interview him... he asked the usual questions of this reporter, who was a co-author of the official biography of Alton Ochsner, almost a whitewash biography...so he asked Harkey questions such as, did Ochsner ever conduct clandestine research, as if Ochsner would have told him such a thing. And in other ways, ruined this potential witness.

How should this witness been approached?

Mr. Harkey, did you ever have an opportunity to talk to Dr. Ochsner about his dealings with the Surgeon General's Committee? Did he ever mention Madame Chennault to you? Did he ever mention his friendships with Dr. Mary Sherman, Wild Bill Donovan, Dr. Harold Diehl, or Gen Claire Chennault? Because, Mr. Harkey, all of these important people are NOT mentioned in the biography, Suirgeon of the South (and what you do NOT tell this man is that they all had one thing in common: they all had connections with the CIA and/or were involved in clandestine matters).

So what does Mr. vernion do?

He has called potential witness Sheriff Harry Lee, making it impossible for me to approach this man and get information form him now spontaneously...he will have all his bridges guarded...to the extent that Vernon said Lee would be "watching"what I posted and might think of arresting me....ruining this witness who told Wim Dankbaar that his brother knew Lee Oswald...actually, it was Harry Lee who worked with David Lewis at the Trailways station, and yes, Harry knew Lee, or his brother is a clone for him...which is possible, I am very bad at faces....nevertheless, the man is wrecked.

Vernon then interviewed Dr. John Ochsner, who HATED his brother, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Jr., though they tried to be civil in public. No matter what "Akky"did, John would be sure to put it down and of course he never heard of me, it was his brother who had heard of me, and wasn;t about to tell John.; But now John Ochsner is wrecked as a witness who might have been asked questions without being oput on the alert that a lady is out there claiming things. Ruined!

Yes, nancy Eldreth says, I am afraid that evidence will get destroyed...because it IS...as witness after witness is sullied and prejudiced and set on alert, important information I have wanted to add to what I already have is destroyed by this carelesss and irresponsible vendetta to try to prove I am not who I am.

I did send this to Martin Shcekford and a few others, and re-post it here, for your information. As for Mr. Vernon, he doesn;t care what happens in the case. I thank all of you who DO care. I urge you to ignore this man, and to protect witnesses. How do you protect witnesses? Do not ask them loaded questions such as Ribetr Johnson did when he contacted my former classmates, some of who called or contacted me afterwards...Mr. Robert Johnson was tyring to discern my reputation among them...he has never published direct quotes, only that half of the students he interviewed said I was intelligent, and the other half, weird...how did THAT happen?

SAccording to my friend Bobby Bennet, who contacted me, as well as several others, Mr. Johnson asked this question: 'WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS WEIRD WOMAN AND HER BIZARRE STORY?"that was the question he asked my former classmates. Now, we don't know what Vernon says to these people, but in the case of the recording he has of Mr. Harkey in his hospital bed, Harkey mentions Vernon told him something earlier before he was taped and questioned on the tape, and he re-affirms what he was asked about before, meaning the witness was prepped before he was taped, which is dishonest.

Here is material about Harkey's lack of thoroughess in Surgeon of the South, which should guide the researcher to realize that the book, even though it includes copious evidence which supports my story, leaves a considerable amount of important information untold-- and it seems quite selective in type: primarily, most of Ochsner's political allies are barely mentioned, and almost none of them in the CIA.

Yes, I hate to see my witnesses and evidence sullied, contaminated and destroyed, which is why I do not speak out more. Because when I do, people such as Mr. Vernon then go and contaminate. THEYT don;'t care, it's not THEIR reputation on the line.

I have lost a lot, but I have not lost my indignation at the carelessness of some of these people who will do anything to destroy my testimony, no matter what harm it does to solving the case.

here is the email, and thank you for reading this message.==Judyth Vary Baker===(sorry about typos...have bad eyes_)




> I have heard Vernon's interview of Ira Harkey, the co-author with John

> Wilds (first author) of Surgeon of the South. Harkey, in hospital during

> interview, says Ochsner was not involved in anything clandestine, as if

> Ochsner would tell him...


> He also never heard my name, as if Ochsner would have told him.

> Apparently Ochsner never told him, either, about Ochsner's own Dr. Mary

> Sherman, or his friends Gen. "Wild Bill" Donovan, and Gen. Claire

> Chennault.


> Note that in Surgeon of the South, Dr. Mary Sherman, owho was murdered

> July 21, 1964, was head of Ochsner Foundation's bone pathology lab which

> includes leukemia and many other deadly cancers. Sherman's name is not

> mentioned a single time, even though she was a foundation Director, and

> became internationally famous, with her death a front page item in the

> Wall St Journal.

> I'll bet if Mr. Vermon had asked Harkey about Dr. Mary Sherman, the

> phone call would have gone like this:


> "Did you ever hear of a woman called Mary Stultz Sherman?" Same style as

> my name was told to him.... Wonder what the answer would be?


> Also, not mentioned in Surgeon of the South is the attempted takeover of

> running the entire Foundation by three men, one of whom happened to be

> the Reily who was head of Reily Coffee at that time (in the 1970's), I

> believe it was Boatner. That fact is in a history of the Ochsner Clinic.

> Reily knew something about Ochsner that made him VERY bold.


> Surgeon of the South also does not go into the relationship between

> "Wild Bill" Donovan--OSS founder and father of the CIA-- and Ochsner.

> Donovan was treated in Ochsner's clinic for cancer --but died at Walter

> Reed--and was a close friend of Ochsner...He was a major officer of the

> ACS in 1957 ( American Cancer Society ) ... before that, he was always

> on a major ACS committee, along with Ochsner...Ochsner was President in

> 1949...the relationship between Ochsner and Donovan was well known as a

> close friendship, but Donovan's name is NEVER mentioned in Surgeon of

> the South.


> "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen W. Dulles were close friends and worked

> together as Chairman and Vice Chairman of a CIA front organization, the

> American Committee on United Europe, as shown in a document dated March

> 17, 1952, written to FBI's Hoover and signed by Donovan.


> Flying Tiger hero Gen. Claire Chennault and "Wild Bill" Donovan were

> best of friends, as attested by CIA document 190.5134-74 which states

> "On 2/8/50 T-6, of known reliability, attended a meeting..(where)

> William Mandel, a recognized authority on the Soviet Union...stated that

> Gen. Claire Chennault, with Gen. William Donovan as his lawyer, went to

> China, date not given, ostensibly to take over an airlines but actually

> had gone for espionage purposes and to establish air bases for bombing

> Russia in event of war with that country."


> Chennault died in Dr. Ochsner's hospital--of cancer. His widow, Anna

> Chennault, who was Vietnamese, I believe, remained a close friend of

> Ochsner. She was instrumental in the Paris Peace Talks breakdown during

> the VietNam War with the cooperation of Nixon-- and after conferring

> with Ochsner --- all of this on record in good VietNam War histories

> mentioning her.


> Amazingly, Chennault is ALSO NOT MENTIONED in Surgeon of the South.


> Could it be because they were involved in clandestine matters, and that

> just got too close to home? After all, Ochsner is on record in Surgeon

> of the South as flying to Washington an average of once a week as

> consultant on the CIA-headed committee of the US Surgoen General, as

> well as worldwide medical facilities inspector and committee member for

> the Air Force's Surgeon General. Ochsner's secret trips to Peron and

> Samoza are actually mentoned in Surgeon of the South. When the Samoza

> family came visiting Tulane in the 1970's(Tulane is where Ochsner had

> been kicked out decades earlier in a rotten political move) Tulane was

> smart enough to put a big portrait of Oschner there in the main hall.

> Of course, as President of INCA, with broadcass sent to over 120 radio

> stations in Latin America, and Davoid Atlee Phillips visiting INCA to

> help Ed Butler and Ochsner get a good start, and as head of

> International House, and a Director of the International Trade Mart, one

> would think his longtime friendship with Clay Shaw would have been

> mentoned in the book, too.


> After all, on March 23, 1962, Ochsner replaced Shaw as Acting Director

> of International House with former CIA mouthpiece, the Hungarian-born

> I. Fabry of Voice of America: Clay Shaw and Alton Ochsner had worked

> together in International House concurrently for seven years.


> The friendship between Alton Ochsner and Clay Shaw isn't mentioned,

> either, in Surgeon of the South, though Garrison's plan to arrest

> Ochsner in the Kennedy assassination investigation is mocked.


> I guess I am in good company.


> ==Judyth===



I sent this response to

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fascinating thread, being 12 years old... seriously.

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On 7/30/2016 at 8:47 PM, Glenn Nall said:

fascinating thread, being 12 years old... seriously.

Agreed. There really should be a sub-forum, about this forum, where threads, testaments, and rememberences can go; separate from the continued research. It seems to me that times have changed. Means and modes of expression and debate have changed. I am sure there is no dividing line, yet.....

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