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Search through 50,000 emails from the Assassination Records Review Board

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Search through 50,000 emails from the Assassination Records Review Board that tell the hidden story of the JFK files

Database shows behind the scenes story of the declassification process, and helps determine what was left out of last Thursday’s release

Written by Emma Best



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This is from one one the ARRB e-mails. What a joke-Escalante  met LHO in Mexico City and was the"mystery passenger" on November 22 !!!

 David MarwellI met with Gus Russo, David Marwell and Cinda Elser on June 26, 1995. Cinda is an independent private investigator who specializes in finding hard to locate individuals. She is a friend of Russo's and has performed investigative work for him.... Russo provided information concerning Marty Underwood and his knowledge of Fabian Escalante, the alleged "mystery passenger" on flights in and out of Mexico City and Havana in September, 1963 and just after the assassination. According to Russo, Underwood became a Kennedy family confidante and assistant when he helped In 1968, during the "height of feuding between RFK and LBJ" the latter was concerned about "two cancers; Vietnam and allegations I killed JFK." LBJ allegedly told Underwood to find out "what your friend down south knows." This was LBJ's order to Underwood to go to Mexico City to talk to Win Scott. Underwood allegedly made the trip and Scott told him "Marty - we screwed up." The CIA apparently by then knew that Fabian Escalante had been in Mexico City in September 1963. Russo is wondering if there are CIA records which would indicate if Escalante, who is now a high ranking member of Castro's government, met LHO in September 1963. Escalante was apparently the "mystery passenger" on the Cubana airlines flight from Mexico City into Havana on 11/22/63. Russo said he has a section in his upcoming book about this. Underwood also provided Russo with what the former claims are his handwritten notes from his 1968 Mexico City trip. The photocopies of the notes Underwood gave Russo, which Underwood claimed were stored in his papers at his family's home in the Midwest, were heavily redacted. (Also of interest to this investigator is that the notes were written on White House stationery. If Underwood was really in Mexico City on a "quiet" mission for LBJ in 1968 I find it highly questionable that he'd take notes on clearly marked White House stationery. It is possible he made the notes after returning to this country. When I asked Russo about this he did not know the answer.

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