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JFK's Grandson: Files Release Contributed to Era of Distraction

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In spite of his privilege and education I don't think he appreciates how the assassination of his grandfather affect's the very things he champions. 

"storyline is driven by myth and drama, not substance".  It also seems he has never studied the details, I.E. fully confronted the issue.  Can't really blame him, it could be a traumatic and disconcerting experience for a grandson, even if he never knew him.

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The boy is lost. I'm not surprised he attends Harvard where the truth doesn't exist and where privilege and status are what count. 

He doesn't realize that we can't build our country based on a lie. We can't solve the problems he mentions with a government that hides the truth from it's people.

I guess he hasn't talked to his uncle (RFK's son) or more likely he doesn't care. He feels compelled to not rock the boat because that is what his article is all about.

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