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Gaeton Fonzi’s Miami Witness List

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Interesting stuff. This needs to be transcribed.

On p. 16

Gifford Pinchot 

Right wing scion of a wealthy Pennsylvania Family. Involved in Anti-Castro activity with Frank Fiorins Sturgis, Marita Lorenz and E. Howard Hunt. Knowledge of No-Name Key activity. (Miami)


Apparently, this is Mary Meyer's half brother. Their grandfather was once the Governor of Pennsylvania.

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John D. Thomas wrote on Facebook today:

Fonzi's witness list would have been pure gold to researchers for decades. Now however, most of the people on the list are now dead and so are the leads. It would be interesting to see why this document was kept secret for all these years for reasons of National Security. Was it just to make sure they were all dead and couldn't be interviewed by researchers?

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