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NHK Program on the recent Document Release

David Lifton

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Last week—specifically, on Tuesday, October 31st—I was interviewed for about six hours (on camera) by NHK, the Japanese public TV outfit, which broadcasts to an audience of about 8 million people.

My interview was conducted at two locations—first,a storage area where I keep my archives; and then, an additional few hours at the residence of a friend (this was in South Orange County,in one of the beach communities).  

The producers told me that I was well known in Japan (a) because Best Evidence was published, in Japanese, back in the mid-1980s; and (b), NHK had done a major TV program when I first published the autopsy photos in October 1988 in the Carrol and Graf (trade paper) edition of Best Evidence.

I was told the program would be about 50 minutes in length; and that also interviewed for the program, in similar in depth interviews, was John Newman, Jefferson Morley, Judge Tunheim, Josiah Thompson, Tony Glover (who was about 11 yrs old at the time of the assassination, and can be seen running towards the limo in the Z film);and Hugh Aynesworth (apparently used to present the “pro-Warren Report” view).

UPDATE, 11/11/2017 0 12:35 p.m. PST:  I have just been informed that the program will be  broadcast on 11/22.  We live in a small world these days, and if anyone sees this program, as broadcast, I would be interested in all feedback.


11/11/2017- 6:15 a.m. PST; revised, 12:35 p.m. PST

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6 minutes ago, Micah Mileto said:

It should be recorded. Hopefully there's English subtitles for whatever Japanese parts. They don't send you a copy of the broadcast? I don't see why that wouldn't be free. 

Yes, I've been promised a copy.  But that could take time, and I was hoping that some bilingual JFK researcher might actually see the program, as broadcast, and post about it.

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