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Humour outside the classroom

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A group of seventh years went to see "Guards! Guards!" and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. However, their attention was rivetted on the following exchange occasioned by the appearance of the dragon:

David Brett (Corporal Knobbs) "buggering arseholes!"

Paul Darrell (Vimes) "Are you aware there is a superior officer present?"

David Brett (in a weary tone) "buggering arseholes, sir."

Guess which line they were gleefully repeating to each other all the way home...and no doubt to mummy and daddy when they came to pick them up.

Another less fraught occasion was the occasion on which, a group of sixth formers went with an excessive number of "adult supervisors" to see Eddie Izzard's "Glorious". I recall it as the only occasion on which I saw a sober colleague literally incapable with laughter.

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